Before and After - C02 Laser


Client is a traveling Nurse for Ideal Image. She asked to go very aggressive on the treatment on a level from 1-20, so we did a 20. She had not been feeling well and believed she had a cold. She used Moisturizing Mist and Cleanser for 4 days. She used the Recovery for 1-4 days post care only for the face. The neck and décolleté only used Recovery at time of treatment.


“I have tried out a variety of treatments and this is the most aggressive one. I was concerned about the down time and my comfort level. I didn’t miss any work and the Recovery product when applied had a cooling effect of the heat. I am very impressed by the results; I used the Recovery only on my face and you can see how well it reduced the redness by the second day, compared to the neck that I didn’t use the Recovery on.” – P

Before and After - C02 Laser


Cleanser, Moisturizing Mist, Recovery (for treatment)