Before + After - Diabetic Ulcer

Treatment + Photos Courtesy of Professional Partner
Tracy Lacina – Skin Deep Salon & Spa

“I met with my client Larry again today and he is absolutely thrilled with the improvement that has taken place since he started using the Recovery Serum (about 30 days ago). Larry is a diabetic with extremely poor circulation. He has been coming to me weekly and we have had to work around 4 major open wounds. I only have gotten pics the last 2 weeks of the ones on his right shin. This was a result of a vascular procedure to restore blood flow to his leg and foot. Here are pics of the 2 wounds on his shin, pics on the left were from 7/15/21, right is from today 7/22/21. Unbelievable difference in ONE week.” – Tracy Lacina – Skin Deep Salon & Spa




Recovery 2x Daily (AM + PM) on clean skin.