Before + After - Hair Loss

Treatment + Photos Courtesy of Professional Partner
Mari Lifrieri, Sin City Lash & Body Bar

“I started my client with 1 session of ProCell hair serum. Microchanneled at 0.5mm overlapping the entire top of the head. She had significant hair loss due to Covid 1 year ago, with no regrowth. I didn’t see any significant change after 1 month, so I switched her to NeoGenesis Hair Thickening Serum. I used the same protocol to microchannel product into the scalp. I used 2 ml for the treatment and sent her home with the bottle of Hair Thickening Serum. She applied it at night into damp scalp and massaged in. I have done 4 treatments as of last week. I see her every 2 weeks. These before and after photos are after 2 treatments of NeoGenesis with take home product for 6 weeks. I will see her again next week. Just wanted to show you her progress.” – Mari Lifrieri, Sin City Lash & Body Bar


Hair Thickening Serum


Hair Thickening Serum 1x Daily


Microchanneling Treatments x 4 (2 Week Intervals)