Before + After - Hair LossBefore + After - Hair Loss

“When I started this program (and you must be real with yourself) it took a bit of time. What helped me was taking pictures so I could see the real changes happening. I was shocked at every interval; I was surprised to see the gap was closing. Each month my hair had friends on top and on the sides of my head to share space with. It was real hair! It was my hair! I could not believe what was happening, because I had seen things grow, but fall out even while doing the other treatments. Now I can part my hair in the middle, and I have a regular part. A part in the middle of my head was not feasible a while back, and to see this now was quite amazing. I do not have fall out, and my scalp never itches either. The only thing I have been doing is staying true to the process, and that is just the beginning. I know the rules; do what the directions say, and things will happen. It works!” – PP


Hair Thickening Serum


Hair Thickening Serum 1x Daily