Before + After - Wound Care - Scarring - Laser

Treatment +Photos Courtesy of Professional Partner
Gail Day, Soft Aesthetics Skin Care Clinic

Sending over photos from my client. He had laser treatment in April of 2021, to remove extended capillaries. In my opinion, from knowing my clients barrier, the laser was high for minor area. He’s in sales for Orlando Magic and always wants to look his best. I cautioned him before doing the laser removal treatment. He went ahead. Results were some minor scarring. Since he’s a Fitzpatrick 2/3, his scarring is very visible. He came in on April 26, 2021 and we did a Hydration Facial. I gave him Recovery serum to use on the area. Here’s the before & after photos. The first was taken before he came in for a facial. The second is from May 9, 2021. I love the Recovery product!!” – Gail Day, Soft Aesthetics Skin Care Clinic




Recovery 2x Daily (AM + PM) on clean skin.