Before After Psoriasis 3

Treatment + Photos Courtesy of Professional Partner
Yvette Bosch, Pampering to Heal

“My mom had psoriasis on multiple places on her body including the neck, scalp, hips and ankles. These photos are from the back of her neck and her scalp.

Mom used Recovery, Barrier Renewal Cream to restore the outer layer of the skin (no scent) and Moisturizing Mist. She used Recovery serum for 3 days and had no more discomfort or itching. After one month, the psoriasis was improving and going away. No itchness on the back of her neck. Not itchy anywhere on the body. After 2 months, it was pretty much clear everywhere other than some lingering redness on her neck. After 4 months she was no longer getting breakouts.

After 5 1/2 months mom just had a little dryness and was slightly red on the back of her neck but everything else is gone!”
– Yvette Bosch



Recovery, Barrier Renewal Cream, Moisturizing Mist