Before & After - Chemical PeelBefore & After - Chemical Peel

“I have been using the NeoGenesis product, Recovery, for a chemical burn and side effects from radiation. Prior to radiation (in late July), I had a plastic surgeon remove the scar tissue in my breast resulting from a lumpectomy. Unfortunately, I simultaneously opted to include an elective procedure of a laser and chemical peel, which resulted in severe blistering and burning. Recovery truly helped me to heal and relieved my discomfort. At this time there is almost no scarring. In mid-August, I started radiation. I used Recovery daily and surprised all of the technologists and doctors (especially since I have Lupus), as I did not peel, blister, or scar. My skin darkened for a week or two, and that has also dissipated. I am still using Recovery to help with the darkness from radiation. Your product Recovery saved the day. I hope other cancer patients have the opportunity to use your stem cell skincare products to save their skin.” – DW




Recovery 2x Daily (AM + PM)