Before + After - Aging Skin + Rosacea

Treatment + Photos Courtesy of Professional Partner
Gail Day, Soft Aesthetics Skin Care Clinic

“JM has broken capillaries and redness (Rosacea) in her cheeks, as well as in the top of her T-zone.  When using other products, JM felt they left her face very oily, but with NeoGenesis she feels like her skin absorbs them. Her skin does not feel greasy, but has a bright complexion. She does not need makeup/powder/foundation since her skin looks so good. She has been singing the praises of NeoGenesis from the rooftops, absolutely love the products and is recommending them to everyone.

JM has stuck to her protocol perfectly, and checks in pretty much every day, wanting to make sure she uses the products as intended. She has already seen tremendous results – skin looks and feels incredibly healthy.  This has been a game changer for her. She Loves Loves LOVES the products!” – Gail Day, Soft Aesthetics Skin Care Clinic


Cleanser, Booster, Recovery, Eye Serum, Light Moisturizer, Moisturizing Mist, Enzyme Crème Mask, Skin Serum


AM: Cleanser, Booster, Eye Serum, Light Moisturizer, Moisturizing Mist – 1x Daily
PM: Cleanser, Recovery, Eye Serum, Light Moisturizer – 1 x Daily
Skin Serum under Enzyme Crème Mask – 2-3x per week