Before + After Rosacea

Treatment + Photos Courtesy of Professional Partner
Maureen Holmes, Skincare Studio

“I have rosacea. I started going to Maureen, owner of Skincare Studio, as I wanted to just to keep the redness at bay and keep my skin hydrated. I hit 40 and the rosacea flared up and I’m slowly learning different triggers. Maureen introduced me to the NeoGenesis products. The serums feel like they have created a good external barrier and made my skin feel more “plump”. My skin is not a huge concern for me anymore. I can go out in public without being worried about how my skin looks. The products have brought a level on consistency I have not seen in awhile. My skin is smooth and the texture has improved.” – AL


Cleanser, Skin Serum, Booster, Moisturizing Mist, Barrier Renewal Cream


2x Daily