Before + After - Scarring

Treatment +Photos Courtesy of Professional Partner
 Estell Myers, Naturally Well Reno

“My client is 73 years young and has very thin skin. She walked into a door and the skin peeled back. The scar happened about 3 weeks ago and is elevated and very pink, but it does not hurt. I started her on Recovery serum and Barrier Renewal Cream. She uses Recovery on and around the scar twice daily, and only uses 2-3 drops. She is using the Barrier Renewal Cream to help strengthen the skin. As you can see from the “before” and “after” photos, the scar is almost gone completely in 3 months and the skin is so much better. ” – Estell Myers, Naturally Well Reno


Recovery, Barrier Renewal Cream


Recovery + Barrier Renewal Cream 2-3x Daily (on and around the scar area).