Before + After - Cancer Surgery

Treatment + Photos Courtesy of Professional Partner
Debbie Coffin, Skin Secrets by Debbie


“I had a second chance to “test” the product when a PET scan identified a benign tumor in the area of my left parotid gland, and I underwent surgery to remove it. The procedure left a nasty incision around my ear and extending an inch or so down to my neck. I applied NeoGenesis Recovery serum daily immediately post-surgery, and within a week my incision was hardly noticeable.

I’m very appreciative of the support we received from the NeoGenesis team — Leila and Steve — who checked in weekly, offering their guidance and expertise along the way and were always available for questions. Based on the success I experienced and the support we received, I strongly recommend the NeoGenesis products and team to patients and providers looking for a way to accelerate healing and reduce the discomfort associated with these aggressive treatments.” – RC


“RC had surgery on Friday where they removed a cyst from his neck. It left him with some pretty nasty scars. He is using Recovery serum, twice a day. The “after” photo was taken 2 weeks post neck surgery. He applied NeoGenesis Recovery twice a day, every day. Quite impressive.” – Debbie Coffin, Skin Secrets by Debbie




Recovery 2x Daily (AM + PM)