Before + After - Wound Care - Burn

Treatment + Photos Courtesy of Professional Partner
Tracy Lacina, Skin Deep Salon & Spa

“I was helping a friend unload a trailer into her garage and her boyfriend’s motorcycle had just been pulled into the garage. I wasn’t paying attention and got my left lateral calf up against the tailpipe and because I didn’t realize it was hot (thought it was sharp), it caused a double ring second degree burn to my leg.

I self-treated this with Bacitracin and Silvadene until 6/18/19 when I went to urgent care because it started showing signs of infection in the deepest parts. I started antibiotics but started having side effects from these within a couple days.

On 6/20/19, I was given a small (the 3oz size bottle) of NeoGenesis Recovery and immediately started using it. Within a couple of applications, I had significant reduction in discomfort and could visibly see improvement. 11 days later and the wound is nearly completely closed. I am so blown away at the amount of progress that has occurred in the six days since beginning this product and because the new tissue looks so good, I’m hopeful the scarring will be minimal.

I am a nurse and saw firsthand how this product worked on a close family friend for her bed sores at the end of life. Wound care providers need to know this product exists. As I’ve researched this product more, I am excited to explore its other applications (I also have rosacea!)” – J




Recovery 2x Daily (AM + PM) on clean skin