Wound Care + Scarring

Before + After - Wound Care

Treatment +Photos Courtesy of Professional Partner
Gail Day, Soft Aesthetics Skin Care Clinic


“My son was in a horrific car accident and was pronounced dead on scene. Luckily he was revived and taken to hospital. He had severe facial damage and had to undergo plastic surgery the next day, on Feb 1 2021. I dreamed about NeoGenesis products that night, and knew I wanted to try them to help his skin. As you can see from the “before and after” photos, Kasmen is healing really well, and the scarring has improved immensely.” – Gail Day, Soft Aesthetics Skin Care Clinic


Cleanser, Moisturizing Mist, Recovery, Booster, Eye Serum


Cleanser 2x Daily for first 28 days.
Cleanser, Booster, Recovery and Eye Serum 2 x Daily.
Cleanser, Recovery (3x Daily), Moisturizing Mist, Eye Serum.

Weekly Facials.