Before + After - IPL Laser Burn

Courtesy of Professional Partner
Cathy Estrella, South County MedSpa

Before + After - C02 Laser Treatment

CONCERN: C02 Laser + PRP
Client: BS

Before & After - CO2 Laser Treatment

CONCERN: C02 Laser
Courtesy of Professional Partner
Jacqueline Ramirez, New Beginnings Tattoo Removal

Before & After - Fraxel Laser Scarring

CONCERN: Fraxel Laser Scarring
Client: BZ

Before + After - Fraxel Laser

CONCERN: Fraxel Laser
Client: Kae

Before + After - Wound Care - Scarring - Laser

CONCERN: Laser Burn (Scarring)
Courtesy of Professional Partner
Gail Day, Soft Aesthetics Skin Care Clinic

Before + After - Scarring

CONCERN: Scarring 
Treatment +Photos Courtesy of Professional Partner
Norah McCullagh

Before + Afters – Laser

Real results! Before + Afters – Laser Treatments – NeoGenesis skin care products nourish the skin before and after laser treatments. It is important to prepare the skin in advance of the treatment. If possible, begin a skin health regimen four weeks beforehand to ensure the best possible outcome while minimizing any negative side effects. This preparation will promote proper healing, returning the skin to a state of health.

The skin will be more sensitive and fragile after a laser treatment and must be handled with care for proper healing and to lessen any chance of complications.

What our customers had to say…

“Love this product. It helped with post IPL inflammation. It calmed my skin. It really does what it claims.” – P

“My year old fraxel laser scar disappeared after using Recovery! I thought I would be using makeup/coverup forever to hide it. Amazing! I’m so happy to have found NeoGenesis! Along with the Skin Serum Eye Serum, and Intensive Moisturizer, the texture of my skin has taken on a beautiful youthful glow!” – BZ

“This line is very gentle for sensitive skin! I’ve been using it post laser peel and it works excellent to calm my skin. My redness is going away.” – HG

“Good for post procedure. I love the Recovery serum. Bought to use after IPL treatments and I had a quick recovery of my skin with no burning or damage from the laser. And that is despite being a Fitzpatrick 4! Impressed and will buy again to use after other cosmetic procedures.” ~ SK – Art of Skin Care

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