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Serums are the work horses of the home care routine and vital for healthy skin. Serums are designed with smaller particles and better delivery systems. Serums are lightweight and penetrate the skin barrier. Turn to serums for help with signs of aging skin such as pigment, lines and wrinkles, acne, Rosacea, and dull or sensitive skin. 

NeoGenesis Booster serum is a luxurious serum with hydrating properties for all skin types.  It is wonderful for daytime use as it supports the layers of the skin with hydration that lasts all day.  It is an excellent choice for those who need more hydration for their skin.  Booster works very well for those with sensitive or rosacea-prone skin, while still addressing all signs of aging concerns.

This serum is our advanced age-defying serum with 40% S²RM®.  What makes Booster unique is the high level of our patented technology combined with supporting amino acids and hydration in the form of sodium hyaluronate butyrate.

This serum is a perfect stand alone serum after cleansing.  Just add a moisturizer and sunscreen (always use sunscreen during the day) and your skin will glow.

Booster is great for those who have more advanced signs of aging.  One way to use the serums is to use Booster during the day and Recovery at night when the skin is doing its repair work.  All of our serums may be used together for superior results.

Booster has such a luxurious texture that 2 drops will cover the entire face and neck.  Apply it to clean, damp skin, and then follow with moisturizer.

“Makes my skin glow! I use the booster during the day and the recovery serum at night. It is super moisturizing and feels great on my skin. It has never been so smooth!” – TF – Art of Skin Care

“Excellent Serum! This is one of the best serums I have tried! I noticed an immediate change in my skin after using this! It made my skin look so alive! A look I haven’t seen for a while! I highly recommend!” – DW – Christine Byer Esthetics

“FAV SERUM. I love to use this serum when I’m microneedling. I’ve definitely seen a lightening in my sunspots and an overall healthier complexion!” – KW – Art of Skin Care

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