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NeoGenesis Enzyme Crème Mask is a gentle, creamy, fruit enzyme exfoliant that refines, brightens, and clarifies the skin.  If your skin is beginning to look dull and tired, it is likely a build-up of surface cells that need some gentle exfoliation. Supporting the natural exfoliation process of your skin can help to renew and brighten your complexion. Along with natural fruit enzymes, this mask contains Niacinamide, an important skin ingredient that improves skin barrier function, reduces oil build-up, and soothes irritated skin.

This gentle mask can be used by everyone. After cleansing the skin, 1 to 2 times a week, apply a small amount (the size of a nickel) of Enzyme Crème Mask all over the face in a thin layer. Don’t forget your neck!  Leave for 3-8 minutes and remove with a warm wet cloth.

TIP: For a really special at-home facial, after cleansing apply either Recovery serum or Skin Serum, then apply the mask. Remove the mask after 3-8 minutes. Your skin will be nourished and glowing and ready for the moisturizer of your choice.

“I LOVE it! I needed a good exfoliator but not one too strong. My skin tends to be sensitive. This mask is wonderful and works super fast, less than ten minutes” – MD – Art of Skin Care 

“As a sufferer of Rosacea, my skin is super finicky. I love this for spot treating pop-up blemishes and for gentle exfoliation. A must-have in my arsenal of skincare.” – K – Christine Byer Esthetics

“This mask is amazing. It exfoliates and brightens my skin without being harsh. I have dry skin and this does not dry me out like a lot of enzyme products do.” – TB – Art of Skin Care

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