Moisturizer Product Videos

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NeoGenesis advanced technology provides skin care products that enhance people’s quality of life by returning the skin to glowing health. Our products work through our patented S²RM® technology to nourish and rejuvenate our skin.  This is a unique and natural approach to skincare that is good for all skin types and all skin conditions.

Light Moisturizer

Looking for something light and hydrating? Light Moisturizer is the perfect fit for you! NeoGenesis Light Moisturizer is formulated for those with normal to oily skin or who live in more humid climates. Oily-prone skin can benefit from this moisturizer to hydrate and even out skin tone and texture. If you have oily skin, you still need to moisturize! Depleting your skin of hydration will only make your skin produce more oil. Light Moisturizer contains everything needed for proper barrier function and support without causing congestion or breakouts.

One of the healthy ingredients in Light Moisturizer is urea. Urea’s role in the skin is remarkable. It regulates hydration, has anti-itch and anti-microbial properties, and can kill the bacteria from acne. It also naturally exfoliates the skin, helping ingredients penetrate better.

Body Cream

Stay hydrated from head to toe with NeoGenesis Body Cream. This luxurious, hydrating, age-defying cream for the body is formulated with S²RM® technology to help support the skin barrier while leaving the skin feeling supple and soothed. Body Cream has a light feel that absorbs immediately and may be used on the face and neck. It provides all-over hydration and protects the skin from the effects of harsh environments.

Intensive Moisturizer

If you are looking for a moisturizer that is deeply hydrating without feeling greasy and doesn’t clog pores, try NeoGenesis Intensive Moisturizer. This product soothes and protects the skin while delivering the important hydration it needs. The extra-rich formula was created for those who require additional moisture to the skin. Skin is renewed, nourished, and protected through daily use.

NeoGenesis products help the skin rebalance naturally; promoting skin that looks and feels more youthful. The S²RM®, or Stem Cell Released Molecules, are the same molecules the skin produces in greater abundance when it is young and healthy.  This is the key to simplifying skin care and maximizing the results achieved.

Barrier Renewal Cream

Barrier Renewal Cream is a lightweight, deeply hydrating cream that is good for all skin types, including acneic and barrier impaired skin. It was designed to strengthen the skin barrier which improves skin function. It is an unscented and non-greasy formula that may be used on dry, sensitive or irritated skin. The skin is renewed through daily use. Barrier Renewal Cream may also be used immediately after professional treatments, such as laser, peels and microneedling to soothe and hydrate the skin.

Barrier creams are different from moisturizers in some key ways.  Lipids are a natural part of the cell membrane that is critical in helping the skin to maintain its protective barrier functions. Lipids play a key role in maintaining the smoothness and firmness of skin. Lipids get depleted with aging, and in drier, colder climates, so to truly renew the skin’s barrier, 3 important lipids must be included in the formulation.  These are free fatty acids, cholesterol, and ceramides in the right percentages.  These key lipids are in NeoGenesis Barrier Renewal Cream allowing the skin to function properly.

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