Moisturizing Mist Videos

View our library of Moisturizing Mist videos that include testimonial videos, what the Professionals have to say about NeoGenesis products, and educational videos. Individual results may vary. 

Combat dry and flaky skin with this refreshing mist that also protects against free radical damage. NeoGenesis Moisturizing Mist features the antioxidant + vitamin C benefits of pink grapefruit essential oil as a complement to the stem cell released molecules your skin needs.

This light, refreshing and hydrating mist keeps the skin from becoming surface dry after cleansing and before serums. When your skin is surface dry, it just doesn’t function properly. Use this mist to soothe and cool the skin, under or over makeup, or anytime you need a bit of hydration to relieve tight, irritated skin.

In the heat of the summer, don’t forget to pop one of these into your purse. Our Moisturizing Mist travel size is the perfect refresher to use all day, every day!

“This is seriously the best moisturizing mist I have ever sprayed on my face. I just got mine a week ago and I just placed another order for one. I cannot ever be without this mist! It’s gorgeous and feels beautiful on my face!” – N – Skin Beautiful RX

“Smells amazing and soothes my skin. I’m new to NeoGenesis but this mist has a permanent place in my regime. I use it to set makeup and it’s a great summer moisturizer as well. I feel like it’s just so uplifting. I love it!” – M

“Use it to prevent milia. I get milia and have wondered about the cause. Christine has explained that they’re caused by an imbalance of water and oil in the skin. With my extra dry skin, I use heavy moisturizers. I now use this spray to add water. After washing my face, the moment my skin is dry, it feels tight and dry. Same once any serum is dry. Previously I would rush on moisturizer. Now I spray on a light cover of NeoGenesis Moisturizing Mist, slather a moment with my hands and put on moisturizer with my skin still damp. No new milia have formed in the 9 months since I added the spray before moisturizing.” – LS – Christine Byer Esthetics

“Awesome!! I use this when I micro-needle and it helps so much to keep my skin moist. My skin seems to look better a bit faster after the micro-needle. Amazing stuff I will always have in stock.” – JC – Art of Skin Care

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