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Renew + Revive

This lightweight, deeply hydrating, reparative cream works with the skin’s barrier function using key ingredients to minimize further damage.

  • Restores hydration in the skin
  • Provides cholesterol, free fatty acids, and ceramides to support the skin barrier
  • Unscented, non-greasy formula
  • May be used on all skin types, including acneic skin
  • Oncology friendly
After cleansing and serum application, apply to the face, neck, and décolletage. For best results apply twice daily. Keep out of eyes. For external use only.
Water, Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Oleosomes, Urea, Squalane, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Glycerin, Sodium PCA, Sodium Acrylates Copolymer, Lecithin, Ceramide NP, Ceramide AP, Ceramide EOP, Phytosphingosine, Cholesterol, Sodium Hyaluronate Butyrate, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Chondrus Crispus Extract, Propanediol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol.



Barrier Renewal Cream

Barrier Renewal Cream works well for all skin types, including acne-prone and barrier-impaired skin. The non-greasy formula is unscented and may be used on dry, sensitive, or irritated skin. Skin is naturally renewed through daily use.

Barrier creams are different from moisturizers in some key ways. Lipids are a natural part of the cell membrane that is critical in helping the skin to maintain its protective barrier functions. Lipids play a key role in maintaining the smoothness and firmness of the skin. Lipids get depleted with aging, and in drier, colder climates, so to truly renew the skin’s barrier, 3 important lipids must be included in the formulation. These are free fatty acids, cholesterol, and ceramides in the right percentages. These key lipids are in the cream to provide thorough and complete support for the skin barrier, allowing the skin to function properly.

For aging skin concerns, Barrier Renewal Cream includes lipids, the skin’s natural fats to maintain skin firmness. It improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as environmental damage.

For chronic and traumatic skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, wound care, shingles, and more, it is deeply hydrating for even the most damaged skin.

For professional treatments, Barrier Renewal Cream may be used immediately after more aggressive treatments such as laser, peels, and microneedling to soothe and hydrate irritated skin.

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  1. Jennifer Fabbri

    “I have my teenager skin back!!! Oh my goodness this cream is amazing!! Refreshing and not heavy but such a nice feeling when I apply it. My skin is so soft again; it really does feel like my skin when I was a teenager!! Just incredible!!” ~ HB – Christine Byer Esthetics

  2. Jennifer Fabbri

    “Keeper! This is the first moisturizer that has actually moisturized my mature dry and acnegenic skin. I have tried many products to keep my skin moist and this is a first for me – a true keeper! It also is helping to heal a rash I got from using products too harsh for my sensitive skin. Thanks AOS (Art of Skin Care) for your wonderful products.” ~ PW – Art of Skin Care

  3. Jennifer Fabbri

    “Repairs your barrier like a dream. I love this stuff. My skin is prone to combination and prone to dehydrating if I’m not careful with chemical exfoliants, and this instantly fixes any dryness on my face. It’s not heavy, but definitely still packs a punch. It spreads very nicely, so it lasts a long time too. My skin is sensitive to any fragrance/plant extracts/essential oils, and this has never upset my skin. Definitely always need this in my skincare arsenal!” ~ S – Art of Skin Care

  4. Jennifer Fabbri

    “Love this cream! So far I am pretty interested in the NeoGenesis line! I have bought two products so far and they have performed well! This leaves your skin supple and hydrated! Plays well under makeup and keeps all the products locked in! My next purchase is the Recovery serum! Hands down a good line!” ~ A – Skin Beautiful RX

  5. Jennifer Fabbri

    “Amazing stuff. My skin barrier has been compromised for a long time and I’ve tried many different things to help. This cream started making a difference right away. I’m using it morning and night and my skin hasn’t felt this good in years. I’m so happy to have found this. Thank you Christine!” ~ AN – Christine Byer Esthetics

  6. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “I love love love this cream!! This cream is amazing, well where to begin if your skin can’t get enough moisture this is your answer, you know when I have used other products that said they moisturized they usually ended up on the pillow case and my skin was the loser. This cream stays on and when you wake you will still have the moisturizer on your skin. I like to use it with the moisturizer mist and two or three pumps for the entire face and neck before makeup for the day and at night I use it alone on the same. My skin feels soft and smooth and supple. I’m very pleased with this line of products.” ~ BJ – Christine Byer Esthetics

  7. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “Especially great for sealing the moisturizers, protecting skin barrier.” ~ G – Skin Beautiful RX

  8. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “Works great! This is a great product and does an excellent job of moisturizing, without feeling sticky or pilling under SPF products and makeup. It soaks right into the skin.” ~ JL – Art of Skin Care

  9. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “This past winter my skin was dry. This product was great at healing and creating a layer of moisture that went on smoothly and was not greasy. I use it even when my skin is not dry. I feel Neo gen
    products are so good for your skin, adding them into your routine is a plus.” ~ EK – Christine Byer Esthetics

  10. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    I have used NeoGeneisis products for the past 7 years, and love the whole line, but this has to be at the top of the list, right behind Recovery, of course. It has become my whole face and body moisturizer, it is AMAZING!! It absorbs in quickly and completely, with no “filmy” feeling, and keeps my skin feeling moisturized all day. Thank you so much!!! ~ KB

  11. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “I used this after a skin peel at the dermatologist and felt that it helped my skin heal faster.” ~ T – Skin Beautiful RX

  12. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “Great for moisturizing. This is a great nighttime moisturizer for me.” ~ TF – Art of Skin Care

  13. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “Well all I can continue to say is that this cream is amazing and I am a user for life, I also use it with my devices, the eye rejuvenator microcurrent and, time master pro. I am very pleased with the results.” ~ BJ – Christine Byer Esthetics

  14. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “Super soothing. I really like NeoGenesis products. The limited ingredient deck means I am less likely to have an unwanted reaction.” ~ P – Skin Beautiful RX

  15. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “The name for this product says it all! Really does protect the skin barrier and offers deep moisture without clogging pores. Makes your face feel luxurious without being heavy.” ~ DR – Art of Skin Care

  16. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “So moisturizing but not greasy! I wake up and my skin is literally glowing!! I have oily, sensitive skin and this has become a nightly staple!” ~ S – Skin Beautiful RX

  17. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “The best! This is a wonderful hydrating moisturizer. One that keeps my skin moist all day long. No smell to lotion. NeoGenesis is an excellent skincare line.” ~ PW – Art of Skin Care

  18. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “My go to when I have irritation and need a break from other products. It heals my barrier when I go overboard with retinol. I wish they made this in a body lotion.” ~ J – Skin Beautiful RX

  19. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “It’s keeping me hydrated! Since I started using this I haven’t had dry skin or flaky areas that I normally have.” ~ HM – Art of Skin Care

  20. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “Rich but not greasy or heavy. Exactly what I needed.” ~ M – Skin Beautiful RX

  21. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “This product is truly hydrating, I only use one pump. The bottle dispenses a very small amount, but that’s all you need! I do also combine this with a few spritzes of the Neogenesis Moisturizing Mist, which allows it to spread really nicely and gives extra hydration! Not a need, but very nice! I’m obsessing over this line! My skin has never looked better.” ~ MR – Art of Skin Care

  22. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “Love this cream! It is very gentle on my skin.” ~ H – Skin Beautiful RX

  23. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “I love this cream. It’s so healing, nourishing, and moisturizing without being heavy or greasy. It’s so great for my Rosacea prone dry skin and no breakouts.” ~ MC – Art of Skin Care

  24. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “I love this moisturizer!! I have sensitive acne-prone skin and this is the only moisturizer I can use that doesn’t sting or break me out. Hands down my favorite moisturizer.” ~ M – Skin Beautiful RX

  25. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “Wonderful product!! My face feels so much better with this product. I have dry skin and putting this product after my moisturizer has definitely improved the look and feel of my skin. Safe for breakouts which is even better!!” ~ NF – Art of Skin Care

  26. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “Great moisturizer, provides hydration without it being sticky. I love that there’s no fragrance and layers well with spf and foundation!” ~ V – Skin Beautiful RX

  27. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “Very effective. Helped to heal and calm my irritated skin caused by barrier breakdown
    ” ~ KT – Art of Skin Care

  28. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “This is an awesome deeply hydrating moisturizer. I only use this as a nighttime moisturizer because my skin is oily. But someone with dry/normal skin could totally use this during the day” ~ M – Skin Beautiful RX

  29. Kelsey Butler (verified owner)

    “This is the best face cream ever. For those of us on the oiler side, it provides a soothing blast of moisture without any greasiness. I’m even able to use it when it’s extremely hot and humid outside. Just leaves my skin soft and very well-balanced. Highly recommend!” ~ SE – Art of Skin Care

  30. Amanda Goodwin (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing! I am a tretinoin user and have super dry flaky skin because of it. After only 2 days of using this cream I no longer have any dryness or irritation from the tretinoin and can use it nightly! It feels so luxurious on the skin and sinks right in. I’m in love with this! Also, it doesn’t clog my pores!

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