Harness your body’s natural regenerative power with next generation stem cell technology that effectively soothes and rejuvenates your skin.

Products for Chemical Peels

When opting for a chemical peel to revive aging or damaged skin, it is important to prepare the skin for the peel to achieve the best possible result and to avoid any risks associated with chemical peels.

NeoGenesis recommends using Recovery serum, twice daily after cleansing with the NeoGenesis Cleanser for four weeks prior to a peel.  Apply Recovery all over the face and neck, including the eye area and around the lips.  After Recovery serum, apply our Intensive Moisturizer or Barrier Renewal Cream, to keep the barrier hydrated and soothed.  This twice daily protocol will nourish the skin for a superior outcome and lessen the chance of unwanted side effects.

Post treatment, the skin will be in a more sensitive and fragile state after a peel and must be handled with great care for proper healing.  Use our gentle Cleanser, followed by Recovery twice daily.  When appropriate, Intensive Moisturizer or Barrier Renewal Cream may be used for soothing relief. 

For instant relief, a light spray of our Moisturizing Mist may be used throughout the day as needed. 

When the skin is completely healed, Recovery may be used daily or 3 to 4 times per week as a boost prior to any other product.

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