Calm pressure sores, ulcers and skin discomfort. Our patented stem cell technology is here to help balance your skin, naturally and effectively.


Products for Pressure Sores + Ulcers

NeoGenesis products can provide relief to support the skin, bringing soothing comfort to the areas affected by pressure sores and ulcers.

Along with other treatments prescribed and recommended by your health care provider for pressure sore + ulcers, NeoGenesis Recovery serum, abundant in S²RM®, is a safe, natural and effective treatment that is very helpful in giving the wound the molecules it needs to support healing.

Twice daily topical application, or application of Recovery when the dressing is changed, can help support the healing process.

“A part of my weekly schedule is devoted to caring for those at the end of life. During this phase of life, these patients are often completely bed-bound. Pressure sores are not that uncommon even with the best comfort measures. As a skincare professional and a huge advocate of NeoGenesis, I introduced the Recovery serum  (spray form) to ease and expedite the healing of the bedsores. Although I was sure it would help, I did not expect to see results as quickly as I did. Literally within 24 hours, we noticed recovery taking place. We now keep NeoGenesis’ amazing Recovery spray on hand at all times! I would never want to be without it. Thank you NeoGenesis!”  – TL

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