Keep your skin strong and healthy during radiation treatments to minimize painful side effects. Our stem cell released molecules help your skin stay resilient the way nature intended.


Products for Radiation Dermatitis

Radiation is a localized cancer treatment.  The skin can look irritated, swollen, and blistered, much like severely sunburned skin.  After a few weeks, some patients develop Radiation Dermatitis. This form of Dermatitis surfaces as dry, flaky, itchy and peeling skin in the area of the treatment. It is irritating and painful and once it occurs, it can continue for years.

NeoGenesis skin care products for Radiation Dermatitis help naturally support inflamed, sunburned and peeling skin through the delivery of nutrient-rich stem cell released molecules. NeoGenesis products, used before, during and after Radiation, have been shown to promote skin health and minimize the effects of Radiation therapy on the skin with fewer side effects during treatments.

Begin with cleansing the skin with our gentle, gel-based Cleanser.  

Our most advanced product for the skin is Recovery. Abundant in S²RM® molecules, Recovery is the product to use anywhere the body is affected from cancer treatments.  Recovery immediately begins to calm the skin from the symptoms of cancer treatments.  Recovery may be used twice daily on the affected area but not immediately before the radiation treatment

For additional hydration and barrier protection, follow Recovery with our Intensive Moisturizer, Barrier Renewal Cream or our Body Cream and apply as often as needed to further calm and hydrate the skin, including the nail beds.

Our gentle and hydrating Moisturizing Mist may be used throughout the day to soothe and cool and combat dryness and discomfort on the skin.

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