Recovery Reviews

NeoGenesis skincare reviews

Condition: Post Cancer Surgery

“I want to thank NeoGenesis for the creation of your Recovery Serum, as it has helped me with several difficult situations. I have Addison’s Disease which slows down the healing process on everything with my body. I have also had multiple Melanoma and Basil cell removals. Using Recovery on my most recent procedures has reduced my healing time by 30%. Such a blessing.” ~ MH


Condition: Shingles

“In Feb, 2016 I found myself in the most intense pain I have ever felt and had no idea what it was. The pain was such an intense burning and at about an 8 (on a scale of 10). My Doctor told me I had shingles. A friend of mine suggested I immediately use Recovery from NeoGenesis. Within 24 hours the burning was gone and my pain was down to a 3 and by 48 hours I had no discomfort at all. On day 4, I lost the bottle, but since the pain was gone, I figured I did not need to order any more that the worst was over. Oh was I wrong, I woke up on day 5 to that intense burning pain again, this time it was at about a 5. Upon applying Recovery again, the nerve pain was gone in about 8 hours this time again. I would recommend Recovery to anyone unfortunate enough to suffer from this miserable condition. I will never be without a bottle of this fantastic product in my medicine cabinet again. Thank you NeoGenesis!” ~ MS

Conditions: Mature/Aging Skin, Sensitive Skin

“This is the best I have put on my face. I saw a noticeable difference in the condition of my skin the 1st week. Never before have I used such an effective powerhouse. Well worth the investment. Will buy over & over & highly recommend to anyone looking to heal & fix serious skin issues.” ~ T – Skin Beautiful RX

Conditions: Mature/Aging Skin, Rosacea, Pore Size

“Results! This is everything my skin has ever needed. Clearing up my rosacea, pores are noticeably smaller, fine lines are gone. I’m in awe.” ~ E – Art of Skin Care

Conditions: Wound Care, Microneedling

“I don’t know if it helps with lines or wrinkles but it does really help the wound healing process. Love to use after microneedling and other post procedure wound care.” ~ TK – Art of Skin Care

Condition: Acne

“It works. I suffer with adult acne and have tried just about every remedy, but this is the only one that has made a huge difference in my skin. Acne has reduced significantly and I am glowing.” ~ J Art of Skin Care

Conditions: Chemical Peels, Mature/Aging Skin

“Soothing and speeds skin recovery time from peels and other skin irritations.” ~ SS – Skin Beautiful RX

Condition: Mature/Aging Skin

“With the simple use of Recovery, Skin Serum and Intensive Moisturizer, I’m starting to see a significant, nice change in my skin.   My skin feels more compact, and the texture is firm and thicker.  I’m totally on board with NeoGenesis, and loving the way my skin looks and feels!” ~ LT

Condition: Cystic Acne

“My diabetic client with cystic acne called me yesterday to tell me that she has had this one for over two months and after using Recovery twice it’s already going down and doesn’t hurt like it did! I want everyone I know to be in this regimen. This is why I became an esthetician. Not for fluff (which I know has benefits) but to really help people and give them their confidence. Thank you for giving me the tools to easily obtain that!” ~ AM

Condition: Sensitive Skin

“The product is excellent with my sensitive skin.” ~ P – Skin Beautiful RX

Condition: Mature/Aging Skin

“I LOVE Recovery paired with the NeoGenesis Skin Serum! Makes my mature skin even more hydrated and smooth.

I rate it 5 stars for the serum, but I only gave it 4 stars because of the dropper application. Wish it came in the same kind of airless pump package as the Skin Serum.” ~ L – Skin Beautiful RX

Conditions: Mature/Aging Skin, Microcurrent

“I am a 60+ woman who has been receiving professional skin care treatments and using recommended professional products for the past 5 years.   My appointments are approximately every 6 weeks and my go to treatment is Microcurrent with a vitamin A serum.

While my skin has felt very good, it still retained a red, slightly ruddy look.  I assumed it was years of outdoor activity and the accumulated damage that I wouldn’t be able to do much about.  Last week I had my regularly scheduled Microcurrent but this time was different.  My esthetician applied Recovery before the Microcurrent treatment and again after, followed by the Intensive Moisturizer.  We were both surprised and a bit amazed when for the first time in decades, my skin tone appeared very even and glowing.  All signs of redness were gone!  I did not think this was possible, especially during only one treatment. 

I’ve always been more interested in very healthy skin as opposed to looking a lot younger.  This time I got both as a nice bonus!   The value add was incredible and I’m excited to go forward with my new look.” ~ SP

Condition: Shingles

MaryO-shingles-sm“I happen to have a chronic series of Shingles events. Recovery has helped reduce the intensity of an exacerbation and, equally important, the healing time from and event by at least 20%.”~ MO


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