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NeoGenesis Review - Recovery Serum

Condition: Radiation Dermatitis

“I’m healing so well due to @neogenesisinc! I’m so thankful to be a part of their case study for oncology patients! I use their Moisturizing Mist Spray, Recovery serum, and Barrier Renewal Cream three times a day. Magic!!” ~ L

Conditions: Microcurrent, Wound Care

“I am blown away by NeoGenesis and Microcurrent. I had a client with a crusty spot on her nose and with her doctor’s approval and 2 treatments, almost complete healing occurred. Miraculous!” ~ Corina Gata – Royal European Beauty

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

Condition: Mature/Aging Skin

“Recovery is simply the best product I’ve ever used! ” ~ M & M Studio

Condition: Eczema, Dermatitis

“I started getting Eczema on my elbows during the winter months a few years ago. I tried a variety of different lotions and prescriptions, most didn’t help, and the outbreaks would last an extended period of time. At the end of the summer this year, I had another outbreak, and all the different lotions I tried didn’t help at all. I received a bottle of Recovery and used it 3-4 times per day, and the Eczema was completely gone in 2 DAYS! Best of all, the Eczema has not returned.

Thank you for this amazing product!” ~ JF

Condition: Dermatitis

Before and After Pics for MF - Dermatitis - NeoGenesis Recovery Serum“I have had this rash for over 5 years.  I have been to multiple doctors and specialists over the years. We tried almost everything, but no improvement.  I started using the NeoGenesis products about six weeks ago, and WOW!  The itching has gone from an 8 to 10 down to a 3 in 30 days, which is such amazing relief. The area was also very tender to the touch. It is much less sensitive today. It has gone from a scaly, thick, rough patch of scabby tissue to actually feeling like “real skin” again.  I can wear shorts for the first time in 5 years, thanks to NeoGenesis!”  ~ MF


Condition: Mature/Aging Skin

“I was really interested to see how my mom’s skin would change while using NeoGenesis.  I’ve been treating my mom’s skin for sun damage ever since I became an esthetician 13 years ago.  Though her skin has improved, I’ve never been able to correct the redness and fragility of her skin.  Her skin often appeared raw on her nose and cheeks.  NeoGenesis has been nothing short of miraculous for my mom’s skin!  After 6 weeks of use, her skin is thicker and firmer, without the raw fragility that it used to exhibit.  Her skin tone has evened out dramatically.  The lines and wrinkles she used to experience have dramatically reduced.  Every time I see my mom now I think to myself, “Wow, she looks great!”  Truly, after 6 weeks her skin looks noticeably firmer, younger, and more radiant.  The transformation I witnessed in my mom’s skin is confirmation that NeoGenesis is a phenomenal product line that will no doubt produce similarly amazing results for you.” ~ JR

Condition: Herpes and Cold Sores

“I bought just to use on cold sores. It really works to help heal them. They have been fully forming and are gone in a week. I use it at least 5 times a day when I see a cold sore coming on. It makes me so happy I’ve finally found something that REALLY works!!!!” ~ FG – Art of Skin Care

Condition: Psoriasis

Since I was four years old I have had psoriasis everywhere, on my legs, face, back and feet. As a result of this, I’ve always been self conscious as it has affected the way I feel about myself. I used NeoGenesis Recovery one night on my feet just to try it out and was blown away at the results. The very next day the psoriasis on my feet was nearly gone already. Thank you NeoGenesis.” ~ JS

Condition: Wound Care

Being a hairstylist in Hollywood, I’ve experienced my fair share of burns on my arms from hot tools. NeoGenesis Recovery is the only thing that I’ve ever used that actually gives me relief and heals me up in no time.” ~ JS

Conditions: Mature/Aging SkinFraxel Laser

“I did a chemical peel on my hands recently as a test for Recovery.  I used Recovery shortly after the procedure and then every day twice a day.  They healed very quickly and I must say my hands look years younger today! Recovery really sped up the healing process.”   ~ DC

Conditions: Mature/Aging SkinFraxel Laser

“I started using NeoGenesis skin care products in January. I immediately noticed a difference in the tone and texture of my skin and could not stop touching my face.  I was using the Recovery Serum after having a series of peels and could not believe how wonderful it made my face feel.  It calmed my skin immediately and took away the stinging sensation as soon as it was applied.  I used the Recovery twice daily along with the Skin Serum, and Intensive Moisturizer and I love what is has done for my skin.  I been using the full product line for 7 months now and I continue to see improvement in how my skin looks and feels.  My friends have actually ask what work I had done because my skin is looking so amazing.  The best testimonial though has to be when asked how old I look, people guess between 35-40.  Thank you so much NeoGenesis!”  ~ AW

Condition: Cancer
NeoGenesis Recovery Serum - Before and After“I want to thank NeoGenesis for the creation of your Recovery Serum, as it has helped me with several difficult situations. I have Addison’s Disease which slows down the healing process on everything with my body. I have also had multiple Melanoma and Basil cell removals. Using Recovery on my most recent procedures has reduced my healing time by 30%. Such a blessing.”  ~ MH



Conditions: Wound Care, Rosacea, Mature/Aging Skin>

“I’ve done a fair amount of research regarding stem cell therapies. I was excited to learn about NeoGenesis’ use of stem cells through a number of esthetician’s postings. 

I have been using NeoGenesis Recovery and NeoGenesis Moisturizing Mist for about two weeks. I have already had healing of the cracks on the corner of my lips and the rosacea on the forehead has improved. I have also noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin. I’m excited to see what continued use will bring. 

I’ve would highly recommend this product line. Although a bit pricey, it is money well spent.”  ~ BB – Art of Skin Care

Condition: Mature/Aging Skin

“The Recovery is incredible! I have gotten multiple compliments that my skin looks like it’s glowing.” ~ AR – Art of Skin Care

Condition: Fraxel Laser

Recovery Serum Reviews“My year old fraxel laser scar disappeared after using Recovery!  I thought I would be using makeup/coverup forever to hide it.   Amazing!  I’m so happy to have found NeoGenesis! Along with the Skin Serum Eye Serum, and  Intensive Moisturizer, the texture of my skin has taken on a beautiful youthful glow!”  ~ BZ


Condition: Dermatitis

“I first used Recovery on my daughter’s rash.  She had a dry, red rash across both cheeks.  I applied the Recovery that night and was completely amazed when it was gone in the morning.  You could not see any trace of the dry flaky rash from the night before.  I have used Recovery on everything from a sunburn to cuts and scrapes with amazing results every time.  My 5 year old has been the lucky recipient of multiple miracles with Recovery and now every time she has a bump, scrape or cut she yells out “don’t worry mom I will just put some Recovery on it and it will be healed by tomorrow.”  I am constantly amazed at all the different traumatic skin conditions, cuts, burns, and scrapes that this incredible serum can help.  It really is the only thing you will need in your medicine cabinet.  I love it!  Thank you Neo!”  ~ SM

Condition: Wound Care

“I have so many amazing Recovery stories, between my children and myself our bottle is constantly in use.  The one that stands out the most was when I received a severe oil burn while cooking some bacon one morning.  I had one of those huge pots and a quarter sized splatter of oil landed on my forearm.  Wow, the immediate pain was so bad, I knew this one was going to blister for sure.  Anyone that has cooked bacon knows what I am talking about.  I turned the bacon down and ran upstairs to grab my Recovery.  The second I put it on the pain went away, I was in shock.  I have used this amazing formula so much so I know how great it is, but even I was surprised at how quickly and completely it calmed my burn.  I returned to the kitchen and totally forgot about my arm because I could not feel anything.  At breakfast I was telling my son about the burn and went to show him my blister, thinking by now it was there.  To my amazement there was hardly even a mark.  The area had a slight pink discoloration, but there was nothing to show the extreme pain I felt when that oil landed on my skin.  I have and will continue to use Recovery for everything skin related.  I love this product, thank you Dr. Maguire!”  ~ KB

Condition: Eczema

“I am so amazed at how well your Recovery product worked on my rash, that I had to write and let you know.  Approximately 2 weeks ago I noticed an Eczema looking rash on my forearm  at bedtime.  I have never suffered from any type of traumatic skin condition before, so I figured it was from something I had come in contact with during the day and it would go away by morning.   I put my regular moisturizer on it and went to bed.  The following morning it was red and inflamed and very tender to the touch.  I was a bit concerned, but figured I would try a few other things before calling my Doctor.   I had been using your skin care products on my face, so thought I would try them.  I put some Recovery on, then followed that with some of your Intensive Moisturizer.  Within a few minutes I did not have that burning feeling and the tenderness had subsided.  I continued to apply both products morning and evening for the next 2 days and the rash went  away completely.  I have no idea what it was, but know for sure that, if it was not for your products I would have ended up at my doctor’s office, which is something I try to avoid.  Thank you so much for these incredible products, I just love the way my skin looks and feels!”  ~ KB

Condition: Mature/Aging Skin

“I used another “stem cell” product for a couple of years prior to using NeoGenesis. All I can say is, WOW! What a difference in your products! The combination of Recovery, the Skin Serum, and Intensive Moisturizer have been fantastic in taking my skin to that next level of look and feel… much softer to the touch and a youthful glow that everyone compliments me on. My Mom and my friends are coming over to NeoGenesis now.”  ~ LV

Conditions: Mature/Aging Skin, Herpes and Cold Sores

“NeoGenesis! I want to update you – I am so excited about the anti-aging benefits I have received from your products… softer skin, smaller pores, and my skin has a radiant glow now! Equally important I want to let you know that recently I felt that I was about to get a cold sore and I took your advice and applied Recovery 4 times a day.  No outbreak! Amazing! Thank you NeoGenesis!”  ~ DC

Condition: Post Surgery

“Two months ago, I had a surgical procedure. For the first seven weeks I used other products to help heal my scar. I then started using Recovery. In one week the progress was fantastic, especially compared to the other products I was using before. The improvement in the color, shape and texture of my scar each day is amazing to observe. I am so glad a friend got me to try your products.”  ~ LV

Condition: Mature/Aging Skin, Hyperpigmentation

“I have always had freckles and I have worked really hard to lighten them. I am an aesthetician so I know how to protect myself from the sun to prevent them from getting darker. When I started using NeoGenesis’ stem cell products I noticed that my freckles were actually getting lighter. I am so impressed with the NeoGenesis product line and I love educating my clients about this line so that they too can get similar results.” ~ JR

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