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Conditions: Mature/Aging Skin, Hormonal Acne

“Glowing!! This is an amazing product. I’ve been using it for about 2 months and have received tons of compliments on my skin. Last night I put a few drops on some spots leftover from my last hormonal breakout, and they were smaller and healed up quite a bit by morning. It’s expensive but 100% worth the splurge!” ~ SZ – Beauty Nook

Condition: Mature/Aging Skin

“I’m on my 2nd bottle, which means I really liked it! It’s repairing and strengthening my skin. It is potent, but does not cause skin sensitivity. I enjoy how this feels on my face and the improvements in my skin. My face is finally not red and inflamed. I’m so happy!!”  ~ DD – Skin Beautiful RX

Condition: Fractional Lasers

“I love this stuff! It goes on easily and layers well with other products. I feel like it’s helping a little post laser spot heal up faster than usual also!” ~ CB – Skin Beautiful RX

Condition: Wound Care

“My daughter had a bad scar from her swimming nose plugs. It cut her nose so bad and for about 7 months the scar would not fade. “WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF USING NEOGENESIS??!?!”…. So I applied it every night for a month or less. 100% GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ~ IC

Condition: Hyperkeratosis

hyperkeratosis-AS“I started treatment with Recovery twice a day.  It had already taken away the redness and the size began diminishing. But two months later it’s completely flat and the tiny dot left will no doubt be gone within the next few weeks.” ~IS



Condition: Wound Care

“I was dermaplaning a client, and as we were talking, I nicked her face and she started to bleed.  I was a little worried at first, but then I remembered that I had NeoGenesis Recovery.  I immediately applied the Recovery and the bleeding stopped.   The little cut was barely visible by the time she left.” ~ G.E., LE

Condition: Wound Care

“I am liking the effect of Recovery on wounds that take forever to heal. All of the NeoGenesis products are oncology approved.” ~ BodyWorks at HealingGround, Skin Transformation, Thai Yoga & More

Condition: Acne/Problem Skin

CG-sm“I struggle with hormonal acne and have tried every acne product under the sun and got little relief. I started using Recovery and discontinued my use of all other products to really see if it was going to work. Within one week I noticed a reduction of my acne scars, smaller pores, all around better skin texture. I have also integrated the Skin Serum into my daily routine and my results seem to be getting better and better. I love any skin care product that is not only results-driven but good for my skin, these products are now “must-have’s” in my beauty routine.” – CG

Condition: Wound Care

“My daughter occasionally gets canker sores. They historically took a week or more to heal. We tried a number of remedies. Still one week plus. This time she put Recovery on twice and the next day her canker sore was completely gone!” ~ SM

Condition: Reaction to Braces, Wound Care

Over two years ago I had adult braces put on which caused injury to my lips.  I would put lip balm on my lips constantly, which basically caused a “diaper rash” on my lips because they could not breath. I went to multiple doctors and specialists and they tried everything.  They scraped the skin for testing, and tried anti-fungal creams which basically disintegrated the skin even further.  They did acid soaks, steroids and topical antibiotics which either did nothing or inflamed the problem making things even worse.  Over 10 different prescription creams in all plus multiple doctor’s visits…” ~ KM


Condition: Wound Care

Wound Care - Mechanic Burn“I am a mechanic and I occasionally burn myself while working. Recently I got a severe burn on my thumb while working.  I have had similar burns before and they usually end up with the blisters breaking, sometimes scabbing over, but always painful to any pressure or touch until completely healed.  The skin also usually peels off in strips and pieces and takes with it unaffected skin next to the burn.  The NeoGenesis product Recovery seemed to heal the burn from underneath, and after day 10 the skin was still intact and appears to be healing from under the burned skin with no peeling. The skin of the affected area is also softening daily. I am so grateful that my friend turned me on to these amazing products!”   ~ Mechanic


Condition: Acne/Problem Skin, Scarring

“The NeoGenesis Recovery serum is the most amazing product I have ever used. I am on day 4 and every morning I wake to noticeably diminished acne scars. I have 20 + year old ice pick acne scars practically healing before my eyes. It is incredible, exciting and just shy of miraculous. This is more like a medicine than a skincare product … but I’m oh so happy I can get it without a prescription. Thank you NeoGenesis, Inc.”  ~ ALA

Condition: Fordyce Spots

“I have Fordyce Spots on my lips and have been using Recovery on them for about a week now (once a day). The spots have decreased significantly in size. I am hopeful they will disappear altogether. I’ll keep you posted.” ~ ALA

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