NeoGenesis Recovery and  Intensive Moisturizer for Fraxel Laser

“I had Fraxel Laser done on my hands so I could compare your Recovery and Intensive Moisturizer (on my left hand) with another leading product used post laser, Dermaceutic, K Ceytic (on my right hand).

The photos included are 1 day after the laser procedure.  As you can see my right hand is inflamed and still very red, it felt like I had a severe sunburn.  My left hand had very little redness, almost no inflammation and most important, NO PAIN! 

Day 2 after the procedure my right hand still felt slightly sunburnt and tender to the touch, my left hand looked and felt fantastic!  I am excited to now recommend Recovery to my patients as the preferred product post procedure. Thank you NeoGenesis!” ~ KR

Skin Condition: Fraxel Laser
Products: NeoGenesis Recovery and Intensive Moisturizer

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