NeoGenesis Recovery for Shingles

NeoGenesis Recovery Review - Shingles“In Feb, 2016 I found myself in the most intense pain I have ever felt and had no idea what it was. The pain was such an intense burning and at about an 8 (on a scale of 10). My Doctor told me I had shingles. A friend of mine suggested I immediately use Recovery from NeoGenesis. Within 24 hours the burning was gone and my pain was down to a 3 and by 48 hours I had no discomfort at all.

On day 4, I lost the bottle, but since the pain was gone, I figured I did not need to order any more that the worst was over. Oh was I wrong, I woke up on day 5 to that intense burning pain again, this time it was at about a 5. Upon applying Recovery again, the nerve pain was gone in about 8 hours this time again.

I would recommend Recovery to anyone unfortunate enough to suffer from this miserable condition. I will never be without a bottle of this fantastic product in my medicine cabinet again. Thank you NeoGenesis! ”

Mark S.

Before Using Recovery                           Day 7 Using Recovery                           Day 14 Using Recovery

Skin Condition: Shingles
Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

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