Webinar: Stem Cell Science and Skin Care

Steve McGee, President and CEO of NeoGenesis introduces Dr. Greg Maguire, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer who gives a brief history about the current state of stem cell science in the skincare world. Learn how to combine stem cell science the proper way with the other products and modalities you are using in your treatment room to get even better results with your clients.

Dr. Greg Maguire

Dr. Greg Maguire has been considered to be one of the thought leaders in the area of stem cell sciences for more than 25 years. Given the numerous requests, we asked Dr. Maguire to share with you directly his incredible background both in the US and abroad with world renowned scientific labs.

NeoGenesis Stem Cell Science 

Webinar by NeoGenesis Inc. on Spa Love – Amy Wall Chat Room. In this Webinar, Dr. Greg Maguire, Founder and Chief Science Officer provides a brief overview of the Science involved with the creation of NeoGenesis products. Pam Vendetti, our Lead Esthetician and Educator, describes the protocols for Estheticians and Professionals to use during procedures with clients. And in conclusion, Steve McGee, President and CEO of NeoGenesis Inc. discusses what you can expect from NeoGenesis, our passion and mission.

NeoGenesis – Our Next Generation of Stem Cell Science

In this video, Dr. Greg Maguire, the Chief Scientific Officer and Founder of NeoGenesis, Inc., discusses how NeoGenesis uses multiple adult stem cells to grow the right sets of molecules that must all work together for maximum benefit to the skin. Dr. Maguire gives some interesting history on earlier discoveries in this area for both restoring the skin to a more youthful look and feel, as well as, the usages with traumatic events to the skin.  Dr. Maguire also gives a brief overview of how exosomes play a significant role in the delivery of these molecules.

NeoGenesis – Our Technology Part 1

In this video, Dr. Maguire speaks on how NeoGenesis stimulates adult stem cells from human skin to stimulate pools of natural molecules. These pools of molecules mimic what mother nature does to maintain a youthful feel and look or to heal from traumatic events.  As we age, the molecules we need decline in number and quality because the function of our stem cells degrade as we age. NeoGenesis skin and hair care products put back into the body what was there when it was young.

NeoGenesis – Our Technology Part 2

In this video, Dr. Maguire speaks on how NeoGenesis processes its molecules to make our products.  We allow our multiple stem cell types to fully process the proteins and other molecules.  Stem cells exist in a three-dimensional state. If you do not allow the stem cells to fully process those proteins, they will not have all the complete amino acid sequences nor fold up properly.   We also allow the stem cells to package the proteins into exosomes which are mother nature’s most efficient and intelligent delivery system.

NeoGenesis – History of Stem Cells in Science

In this video, Dr. Maguire speaks on the history of stem cell science and how we have advanced to current technology now available to all.  Dr. Maguire reviews what Embryonic Stem Cells are and how they develop. Embryonic cells do not exist in adults to maintain and heal us.

NeoGenesis – Lab Part 1 Processing Stem Cells

In this video, Dr. Greg Maguire speaks on how NeoGenesis incubates, grows, and processes various types of Adult Stem Cells. Monitoring and controlling oxygen, temperature, and moisture levels to optimize stem cell growth and the secretion of the different molecules.

NeoGenesis – Lab Part 2 Quality Control and Storage

In this video, Dr. Maguire speaks to the different stem cell lines and how we grow them under state dependent conditions. Dr. Maguire discusses the processing center for the Adult Stem Cells. He also describes the Microscopy labs where we visualize through high powered microscopes what the cells are doing and how they are developing.