Skin + Hair During Oncology Treatments

Did you know NeoGenesis offers oncology-friendly, skin care and hair solutions for those undergoing cancer treatments such as chemo, radiation, or surgery? 

NeoGenesis created oncology-friendly products, backed by science, in order to help those impacted by a life-changing diagnosis get their quality of life back! This restorative solution is designed to support you wherever you are on your journey. 

Exploratory, preventative, or more invasive, cancer treatments can cause trauma to the skin and surrounding tissue, taking weeks or months to heal. NeoGenesis skin and hair products help strengthen the skin prior to treatment and rejuvenate it during and post-treatment. Our oncology-friendly products help quell, soothe, and strengthen the skin for better recuperation.

Stem Cell Molecules for Your Skin + Hair 

The human body has millions of stem cells that have been assigned a very specific job. These stem cells work diligently to help our bodies perform optimally. These stem cells secrete diffusible proteins packaged into exosomes that deliver the proper nutrients to help your skin repair itself naturally.

NeoGenesis uses stem cells found in the deep dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin. Using the correct set of adult stem cell types that are resident in the skin (not stem cells from other parts of the body that serve functions other than to maintain and heal the skin) is the key to the NeoGenesis technology. This concept is called “tissue specific stem cells”.

Through decades of research, we now know that multiple stem cell types coordinate to release multiple distinct pools of stem cell released molecules (SRM). That’s where we get S²RM®, meaning two or more types in these pools, Adipose Mesenchymal Stem Cells, and Fibroblasts. As the multiple pools act together synergistically to initiate and maintain the restorative process, this natural stem cell process within our bodies induces maintenance and nourishing effects. 

Our skin + hair products provide a natural approach to recovery called “systems therapeutics”. We are simply returning to the damaged tissue the molecules that were present when the skin was young and healthy. NeoGenesis products contain the patented S²RM® molecules that naturally support the skin, delivering nutrient rich molecules to areas inflamed, sunburned and peeling from the effects of cancer treatments. 

Regain your confidence and provide relief with the NeoGenesis line of non-toxic, oncology-friendly skin solutions before, during, and after cancer treatment. 

Money Back Guarantee

All of our skin care products have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. We’re that confident in the power of our products. 

Hair Loss During Cancer Treatment

There is no denying that hair loss is an unfortunate side effect of chemotherapy. Specially formulated for those with fine or thinning hair, Hair Thickening Serum offers a non-invasive alternative, or complement, to conventional treatments. Our patented S²RM® technology works to add noticeable body, shine, and density in as little as eight to ten weeks!

“My husband, Brian, started the NeoGenesis Hair Thickening Serum in November. After only one month we could see hair growth! It’s been six months now and the results are truly amazing. We are excited to see what the next six months bring.” – JD

Our Commitment to the Oncology Community 

Our commitment to enhancing the quality of life of our clients extends beyond what we think of as normal changes to the skin and hair through the aging process.  One of our true passions is serving the Oncology Community.  Many of our products are rated oncology friendly and may be used on traumatized skin, including Chemo Burns, Radiation Dermatitis, and Pre + Post Cancer Surgery.

Helping people look and feel better is our passion. The better people feel, the better their lives are in every area. Our goal is to reach oncology patients and their families to provide support, relief, and safe solutions for healthy skin and hair. 

Let us take care of your skin so you can focus on what matters, your health! 

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