Your skin is your protection from the outside world. It is important for the skin’s barrier to be strong and resilient as it protects your immune system from outside harm. Cuts, burns, scrapes, extreme dryness and other skin conditions can weaken the ability to stay healthy and to heal. NeoGenesis products work at the cellular level to deliver all of the nutrients needed to heal, repair and strengthen the skin for a strong barrier.

Skin Protection

  • Rebuilds damaged skin to strengthen the barrier 
  • Delivers healing nutrients to quell inflammation in the skin
  • Keeps skin functioning and repaired for the ultimate protection
  • Promotes a strong barrier to keep skin healthy and radiant


Home Protocol; Twice Daily

  1. Gently cleanse with Cleanser
  2. Apply Skin Serum to replenish nutrients and reduce inflammation
  3. Finish with Barrier Renewal Cream to lock in moisture and support the skin’s barrier function

Proactively protect the health of your skin and support skin repair with NeoGenesis patented S²RM® technology.



COVID-19 preventative measures are very important but the constant hand washing is wreaking havoc on my family’s skin. My teenage son had an eczema outbreak. The NeoGenesis Protection Trio helped his skin to start functioning normal again.” ~ BC – Hue Beauty Studio

“I was helping my daughter recently and looked at her hands. I almost cried. They were raw, chapped, cracked and bleeding. She was using coconut oil, but it is not helping. I swapped her oil out with the Barrier Renewal Cream. By the next morning, her hands were a normal color, soft and she said they felt like “new”. My 15-year-old has now become a NeoGenesis fan for life!” ~ CB