Serums for Healthy Radiant Skin

Serums make all the difference for healthy, radiant skin

All skin care is important to the health of your skin. Proper cleansing is imperative to leave a clean slate for the other products that follow to work better.  Moisturizers are critical for keeping a healthy skin barrier and preventing water loss in the skin, known as transepidermal water loss or TEWL. As TEWL increases, the level of damage to the skin increases. You can make important and positive changes in your skin with a good cleansing routine and proper moisturizing and these are the first steps to good skin care. NeoGenesis Cleanser combined with either Light or Intensive Moisturizer will beautifully and gently cleanse and hydrate the skin.

Once cleansing and moisturizing are in place, serums are the next vital step in healthy skin. Serums are the work horses of the home care routine. Serums are designed with smaller particles and better delivery systems to repair the skin at the cellular level. This is the level where the damage you see on the surface originates. Serums are lightweight and penetrate the skin barrier. Turn to serums for help with signs of aging skin such as pigment, lines and wrinkles, acne, Rosacea, and dull or sensitive skin. There are also special serums to work in the eye area where the skin is more delicate and there are no oil glands.

So how do you choose the right serum for your skin?

NeoGenesis has 3 facial serums and 1 eye serum to address your skin care needs. Each of our serums includes our patented and powerful S²RM® technology to bring your skin back to health and balance. These serums penetrate easily into the skin with their own delivery system to get to the cellular level.

Let’s look at the different NeoGenesis serums to help you decide which one is right for you. All NeoGenesis products work well for all skin types and conditions.  There are no contraindications for our products. Our serums come in different strengths so you may choose the best serum for you. All of our serums are oncology safe.


NeoGenesis Recovery SerumThis serum is our “hero” product. It is the most powerful serum we have at 70% S²RM®. Recovery is the product of choice to use after any aggressive treatment such as microneedling, laser treatments, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion. Clients with anti-aging issues love Recovery as it returns the skin to a younger, more balanced state.

Recovery has a thin consistency and is absorbed immediately into the skin. It is neither hydrating or drying to the skin and once applied, leaves the surface smooth and ready for your next step. Recovery is best applied to slightly damp skin. You will have a small amount of time after cleansing while the skin is still damp. Put a drop of Recovery on your finger and gently spread it around one side of your face. Use another drop for the other side and finish with a drop for the forehead and one for the neck. 4 to 6 drops is the normal amount of Recovery for the entire face and neck.

To cover a larger area with Recovery, try a light misting of our Moisturizing Mist on the area first. It will prepare the skin and give it the essential glide needed for the Recovery to spread further. You may also use this tip for the face by using a light spray of the Moisturizing Mist after cleansing before you put your Recovery on.

You may follow Recovery with another serum or go right to a moisturizer. It may be used immediately after more aggressive treatments as the skin is healing or it may be used as a daily serum. It is also the perfect choice for cuts, scrapes, burns, abrasions, eczema, or even cold sores. Recovery has been used successfully to protect the skin from radiation and chemotherapy burns during cancer treatments.

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NeoGenesis Booster 30mLThis serum is our advanced anti-aging serum with 40% S²RM®.  What makes Booster unique is the high level of our patented technology combined with supporting amino acids and hydration in the form of sodium hyaluronate butyrate.

This serum is a perfect stand alone serum after cleansing.  Just add a moisturizer and sunscreen (always use sunscreen during the day) and your skin will glow.

Booster is great for those who have more advanced signs of aging.  One way to use the serums is to use Booster during the day and Recovery at night when the skin is doing its repair work.  All of our serums may be used together for superior results.

Booster has such a luxurious texture that 2 drops will cover the entire face and neck.  Apply it to clean, damp skin, and then follow with moisturizer.

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Skin Serum 

NeoGenesis Skin Serum 30mLOur original and a client favorite, Skin Serum, has 20% S²RM® technology in a hydrating base.  It is a great first serum as the skin begins to change and a product that is universally loved.  It feels wonderful on the skin, is highly concentrated, produces positive results and can be used morning and evening.

With a hydrating base, 1 to 2 pumps of Skin Serum, applied on clean, damp skin, will cover the entire face and neck.

For those with drier skin types who want to work with a more powerful serum, Skin Serum works well when applied over Recovery.  Cleanse the skin, apply Recovery, layer the Skin Serum and then finish with Intensive Moisturizer.  Your skin will love the changes.

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Eye Serum

NeoGenesis Eye Serum 10mLThis special serum is dedicated to the delicate eye area. All of our serums may be used around the eyes for their anti-aging benefits. Eye Serum goes a step further by addressing the issues of dark circles and puffiness, which aren’t related to the skin itself.

Eye Serum is a light serum that absorbs immediately into the skin. A small pea sized amount will be enough for both eye areas.  Apply a drop to your ring finger, touch it to your other ring finger, and use those fingers to gently pat the product around the eyes.  Do not pull or drag the skin.  It may be used before or after the other serums.

Eye Serum contains 10% S²RM® along with ingredients to de-puff and lighten the eye area.

Use it with the other NeoGenesis serums of your choice for a powerful way to brighten and smooth the eye area.

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Our team at NeoGenesis is here to help you choose the best serums for you.  Our website at offers additional information about all of our products or call our Customer Service at 858-751-4714.


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