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Video Testimonials – Skin + Hair

Video testimonials – skin + hair. Real results! Watch video reviews from our customers on how NeoGenesis products helped transform their skin. They discuss hair loss, acne and skin rashes, diabetic ulcers, adult acne, skin protection, hair loss support, hormonal acne during pregnancy and skin care in harsh climates.

What our customers had to say…

“As a former RN and now Licensed Esthetician whose hands are constantly in water, I noticed that my hands became very dry and scaly, with a cactus-like look and feel, along with what seemed like millions of tiny bumps that would come and go. Just 1 1/2 weeks of using NeoGenesis Recovery 1x a day in the morning, my redness, bumps and blisters all went away. Thank you NeoGenesis for giving me my skin and hands back.” – HM

“I’m in love with this product. My skin is very sensitive and reacts to most products. Recovery has reduced the redness and scaly skin that often appeared on my eyelids. The puffiness and red under my eyes has also diminished. The best thing is the overall effect that I’ve noticed. My skin is smoother and softer with a more even skin color. I don’t have itchy, irritated spots anymore either.” – MD

“My client has had issues with cystic acne for quite some time. He also works at a wood pulp mill and is often around the chemicals in the air. Once he started on a regular skin care regimen using NeoGenesis products, his skin started to improve almost immediately. The redness started to subside, the flaky skin started to improve and the itchiness is now gone.” – Becky Stratton, The Skin Studio

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