Boost your LED Light Therapy treatments with NeoGenesis stem cell technology. LED Light and NeoGenesis will work in synergy to mimic the body’s natural process of healing and maintaining the skin. Apply NeoGenesis products to infuse the skin with the nourishment needed to soothe redness, reduce acne and restore the skin to a healthy, youthful state.


  • Promotes collagen production
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Targets acne bacteria 
  • Soothes dermatitis and psoriasis
  • Improves the skin’s appearance
LED Light Therapy

STEP 1: Help your client settle into the treatment by dispensing a few drops of essential oils onto your palms. Place your palms over your client’s face and instruct them to take a deep breath in to invigorate the senses. Leave your palms in place for another minute while encouraging deep breathing to help your client relax. 

STEP 2: Remove any eye or lip makeup with Erase the Day. Double cleanse with Cleanser to remove any additional impurities as well as balance the pH of the skin. Remove the cleanser with 4 x 4 wipes.

STEP 3: Apply Enzyme Crème Mask. Leave on the skin for 3-8 minutes. Apply a warm, wet towel to the skin and gently remove the mask.

STEP 4: Perform 30 minutes of LED light therapy as directed by the manufacturer. Provide a relaxing hand and arm massage or scalp massage during this time.

STEP 5: Apply your soothing or cooling mask of choice and calm the skin using cooling globes or ice roller, if applicable. Remove the mask with a 4×4 or a slightly warm, wet towel.

STEP 6: Apply Moisturizing Mist to calm and soothe the skin. This is a great way to reset pH balance and prepare the skin for treatment serums.

STEP 7: Apply Recovery while the skin is still damp. Follow with the Eye Serum to hydrate, minimize signs of aging and target dark circles and puffiness. 

STEP 8: Depending on the client’s skin, apply Barrier Renewal Cream, Light Moisturizer or Intensive Moisturizer to the face and neck.

STEP 9: Apply mineral sunscreen if treatment is during the day.  


STEP 1: Cleanse skin with Cleanser.

STEP 2: Spritz the skin with Moisturizing Mist. 

STEP 3: Apply Recovery, Booster or Skin Serum to the face and neck, including around the eye area.

STEP 4: Apply Eye Serum if desired, patting gently around both eyes and over lips.

STEP 5: Apply Barrier Renewal Cream, Light Moisturizer or Intensive Moisturizer.

STEP 6: Apply mineral sunscreen during the day.


STEP 1: Cleanse skin with Cleanser.

STEP 2: Depending on the skin concern, apply Enzyme Crème Mask, Fresh Face Mask or Volcanic Ash Mask once per week after cleansing to extend the results of the treatment and keep the skin clear and gently exfoliated. For more oily skin types, use up to three times a week.

STEP 3: Spritz the skin with Moisturizing Mist.

STEP 4: Apply Recovery, Booster or Skin Serum to the face and neck, including around the eye area.

STEP 5: Apply Eye Serum if desired, patting gently around both eyes and over lips.

STEP 6: Apply Barrier Renewal Cream, Light Moisturizer or Intensive Moisturizer.


LED Light Therapy uses various wavelengths of light to safely address a wide variety of skin conditions. Each wavelength is absorbed by individual molecules that act as a signalling mechanism for different cellular processes.

Red light promotes collagen production and reduces inflammation while blue light kills bacteria. The energy is effectively absorbed by the skin to increase fibroblast proliferation and collagen synthesis making it an effective treatment for aging concerns, acne, rosacea, keratosis, dermatitis and psoriasis.


Skin and Hair
Eye Serum
Mature + Aging Skin
Skin + Hair

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Skin and Hair
Chemotherapy Side Effects
Skin Serum

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Skin and Hair

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Skin and Hair

“I used this Recovery serum after a nitrogen plasma treatment. I recovered quickly and any treatment markings cleared rapidly. Although it is pricey, I highly recommend for all post-recovery from lasers, plasma pen or micro-needling.” ~ CR

Skin and Hair
Skin Serum

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Skin and Hair
Intensive Moisturizer
Radiation Dermatitis
Skin Serum

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