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Conductive Gel

This safe and highly effective conductive gel provides easy glide for professional treatments and at-home devices. Pair with NeoGenesis serums for added delivery of ingredients.

  • Ensures safe and effective use of devices
  • Enhances delivery of companion ingredients
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Allows for customization with the Moisturizing Mist for thinner viscosity
After cleansing, apply a NeoGenesis serum of choice. Brush the Glide Gel directly onto the skin and follow device directions. Reapply or reactivate with NeoGenesis Moisturizing Mist if gel begins to dry during the treatment. Remove remaining gel with a warm wet cloth when the treatment is complete. Finish with a NeoGenesis moisturizer. Keep out of eyes. For external use only.
Water, Glycerin, Propanediol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Dehydroacetic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Lactic Acid.

Glide Gel

NeoGenesis Glide Gel is a safe and highly effective conductive gel that works perfectly with any device that requires a glide gel such as Microcurrent or Ultrasound.

The formula is a super clean ingredient deck and contains Glycerin, a natural component of healthy skin that mimics our skin’s natural moisturizing factor, making it good for all skin types.

Thinking of doing a treatment at home? A conductive gel is important to have in your skincare arsenal to ensure quality results and to aid in the delivery of ingredients when used with other products.

The most effective way to use Glide Gel is to first apply the NeoGenesis serum of your choice, then brush on the Gel, working in sections. Add a spritz of NeoGenesis Moisturizing Mist for an added slip to deliver companion ingredients when used with other products. To rehydrate the Gel, spray our Moisturizing Mist on the area treat. Remove the Gel with a warm washcloth or cotton wipes when finished with your treatment, whether doing a home treatment or in the professional treatment room.

Our intention at NeoGenesis is to help everyone simplify skin care while still achieving dramatic results.

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5 reviews for GLIDE GEL

  1. Jennifer Fabbri

    “I’m currently using the Clareblend mini and TMP by Sculplla and have tried many conductive gels and by far NeoGenesis is my favorite. It feels lovely on my skin and I especially like the consistency. It’s not thick and gloppy like others I’ve used in the past. A definite repurchase for me.” ~ LB – Art of Skin Care

  2. Jennifer Fabbri

    “I use this gel with my Nuface device. The Nuface gel stung my skin and caused me to break out, so I was on the hunt for a different conductive gel. I found this one and absolutely love it!” ~ S – Skin Beautiful RX

  3. Jennifer Fabbri

    “It is pretty fantastic. I use with my microcurrent device and time master pro. I love that it doesn’t sting and gives a great glide. When I start to dry out a couple spritzes of the mist and I’m back in business. I haven’t found a NeoGenesis product I don’t like. Thank you” #neogenesisinc and #skinbeautifulrx ~ @stokleymichaelta

  4. Jennifer Fabbri

    “Really Love This! I ordered this to replace the Le Mieux gel that came with my Clareblend Mini — mostly because I saw it mentioned in an AOS how-to video. I was surprised at how much more glide and life it has compared to other conducting gels. It stays wet far longer and needs fewer spritzes of water/ISO Recovery while I’m using the Mini or my new Timemaster Pro. It seems to be more moisturizing, which I really need. The price is reasonable too. Thumbs up all around for this purchase.” ~ LB – Art of Skin Care

  5. Jennifer Fabbri

    “Love it!It’s the perfect glide for ultrasound, RF & microcurrent.” ~ VJ – Art of Skin Care

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