Using breakthrough technology + advanced science, NeoGenesis patented S²RM® technology provides effective products to support and nourish the skin, naturally.


At NeoGenesis, we are dedicated to providing science-based skin and hair care products that are effective for all. Our patented S²RM® technology allows us to harvest an array of molecules from multiple adult stem cell types. All of the molecules we use at NeoGenesis are derived from tissue-specific stem cells – this means adult stem cells derived from the skin that have evolved to be the most effective stem cell types to heal the skin. These molecules include growth factors, cytokines, and other signaling proteins that are crucial for the body’s natural healing process. By harnessing these powerful stem cell molecules, we are able to mimic the body’s own rejuvenation mechanisms and promote healthy skin and hair. These molecules are the same ones produced in greater quantities when the skin was young and healthy.


It’s important to understand that the human body and plant life function very differently. A plant’s ability to sustain itself in nature has no correlation to how our skin functions. Plant stem cells, such as those derived from apples or melons cannot stimulate stem cells in human skin. Using plant stem cells in skin care products will not stimulate any regenerative process in our skin. Due to their natural origin and lengthy purification process, they may provide antioxidant properties that are beneficial.

Adult stem cells are responsible for the healing and regeneration of tissue. They have been shown to release distinct pools of stem cell released molecules (SRM), which work together synergistically to improve the health, look, and feel of the skin. This process is completely natural and these molecules play a crucial role in maintaining and healing the skin.


There are multiple skin care lines that advertise their products as using adult human stem cell technology. Some are using older technology.  It was advanced at the time, but science has moved on and we have greatly improved upon the older technology. Our breakthrough technology is built upon the earlier discoveries and we have created a more comprehensive, efficient, and natural alternative to other human stem cell lines.

NeoGenesis has a unique approach to processing the adult stem cells which mimic Mother Nature and enhance the natural stem cell process in the body.  It is a lengthy but necessary process to produce the most natural and effective products.  NeoGenesis has a unique approach to processing adult stem cells that sets it apart from other companies in the industry.

  • Our patented S²RM® Technology uses the molecules released by multiple stem cell types to naturally deliver to the cells what we lose over time.
  • We allow the stem cells to fully process the proteins and other molecules. The stem cells are never rushed or forced to produce more than what is natural.  They are given the perfect environment to naturally go through the process they need.
  • Because these molecules exist in a 3-dimensional state, if their natural process isn’t allowed to fully execute, the molecules won’t contain the amino acid sequence necessary to fold properly. Without this important step, they cannot be packaged into exosomes, which are Mother Nature’s most efficient and intelligent delivery system.
  • Our products put back into the body what was there when it was young. We help the skin and hair return back to “homeostatic renormalization”, meaning the proteins, tissue and cells are getting back to a state of normalcy and optimal function.
  • All NeoGenesis products are organic, natural and have no contraindications.


NeoGenesis provides gentle and effective products to cover a wide range of skin conditions, from beauty and appearance, to chronic and traumatized skin conditions.  Our products contain the patented S²RM® in varying amounts to help nourish and support the skin.


In contrast, there are skin care lines that employ a less expensive, faster process in making their products that often uses one or more of the following techniques in their adult human stem cell-based products.  This may include:

  • Using only one stem cell type which is not what happens in nature. This is a less complete and less effective process and only partially effective, at best.
  • Using a harsh chemical extraction technique to rush the process. This can damage and deform the proteins.  If they are not allowed to fully form, they do not have the proper amino acid sequence and they will not fold correctly.
  • Without folding properly, the proteins won’t be packaged into their natural exosomes for delivery and communication with the cells. The end result of inhibiting the natural process is less effective, incomplete molecules that lack an intelligent delivery system.
  • Without an intelligent delivery system, cells are not able to communicate and be nourished and fed what they need to return to a younger state.