Advanced Cellular Serum | 70% S²RM®

A breakthrough in skin science and abundant in our patented S²RM® technology, this powerhouse serum calms, soothes + revitalizes aging, chronic and traumatic skin concerns.


  • Improves the appearance of aging skin, sensitive skin, and acneic skin
  • Helps soothe skin redness + irritation
  • Can be used on eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis
  • Minimizes appearance of pores to improve tone and texture
  • Oncology friendly

Includes all of the benefits of Recovery plus:

  • Made with sterility assurance to safely deliver nutrient-rich molecules
  • Recommended to use on compromised skin


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Advanced Cellular Serum | 70% S²RM®

A breakthrough in skin science and abundant in our patented S²RM® technology, this powerhouse serum calms, soothes + revitalizes aging, chronic and traumatic skin concerns.


  • Improves the appearance of aging skin, sensitive skin, and acneic skin
  • Helps soothe skin redness + irritation
  • Can be used on eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis
  • Minimizes appearance of pores to improve tone and texture
  • Oncology friendly

Includes all of the benefits of Recovery plus:

  • Made with sterility assurance to safely deliver nutrient-rich molecules
  • Recommended to use on compromised skin
After cleansing, apply to the face, neck, and décolletage. Massage into skin AM and/or PM daily for aging skin. For chronic or traumatized skin use twice daily. To maintain results, continue use of Recovery 3 to 4 times per week.

Recovery +
After cleansing, spray on to irritated area and massage gently as needed. For chronic or traumatized skin use 2-3x daily. Can be used before and after Oncology and Professional treatments for added skin support.

Keep out of eyes. For external use only.
Human Adipose Mesenchymal Stem Cell Conditioned Media, Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media, Water, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Lactic Acid.

Recovery +
Human Adipose Mesenchymal Stem Cell Conditioned Media, Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media, Water, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Lactic Acid.





53 reviews for Recovery

  1. Verified User

    “A holy grail item for me! I buy this in the largest size available every time! I’m 45 w/ oily, sensitive, hormonal acne prone skin. This is one of the few products that doesn’t irritate my skin… in fact, it actually heals any irritations I might have!

    I recently tore the tendon in my calf muscle and then stupidly left an ice pack on too long and got a bad ice burn… my skin was bruised and looked horrible! I rubbed a few drops of Recovery into the damaged skin AM and PM and it healed up miraculously well!

    Can’t say enough about this product and the NeoGenesis line as a whole. Would highly recommend!!!” ~ K – Skin Beautiful RX

  2. Verified User

    “While vacationing I had the unfortunate experience of slipping on a stone step which left me with a serious four-inch long abrasion. It was extremely red and sore. Thankfully, I had Recovery in my travel bag which I immediately applied to the area. I continued to use Recovery for the next few days. Recovery helped significantly with the pain and literally saved my vacation.” ~ BZ

  3. Kelsey Butler

    NeoGenesis! I want to update you – I am so excited about the anti-aging benefits I have received from your products… softer skin, and smaller pores, and my skin has a radiant glow now! Equally important I want to let you know that recently I felt that I was about to get a cold sore and I took your advice and applied Recovery 4 times a day. No outbreak! Amazing! Thank you NeoGenesis! ~ DC

  4. Kelsey Butler

    Since I was four years old I have had psoriasis everywhere, on my legs, face, back, and feet. As a result of this, I’ve always been self-conscious as it has affected the way I feel about myself. I used NeoGenesis Recovery one night on my feet just to try it out and was blown away by the results. The very next day the psoriasis on my feet was nearly gone already. Thank you NeoGenesis. ~ JS

  5. Kelsey Butler

    I’m in love with this product. My skin is very sensitive and reacts to most products. Recovery has reduced the redness and scaly skin that often appeared on my eyelids. The puffiness and red under my eyes have also diminished. The best thing is the overall effect that I’ve noticed. My skin is smoother and softer with a more even skin color. I don’t have itchy, irritated spots anymore either.

    I would highly recommend this product to those with sensitive or reactive skin. ~ MD

  6. Kelsey Butler

    As a former RN and now Licensed Esthetician whose hands are constantly in water, I noticed that my hands became very dry and scaly, with a cactus-like look and feel, along with what seemed like millions of tiny bumps that would come and go. After just 1 1/2 weeks of using NeoGenesis Recovery 1x a day in the morning, my redness, bumps, and blisters all went away. Thank you NeoGenesis for giving me my skin and hands back. ~ HM

  7. Kelsey Butler

    “I love this stuff! It goes on easily and layers well with other products. I feel like it’s helping a little post-laser spot heal up faster than usual also!” ~ VP – Skin Beautiful RX

  8. Kelsey Butler

    “Easy to remember in daily regimen. Glad to incorporate this science- although a huge investment. The before and after’s are what really encouraged me. My last bottle helped to clear 3 patches on my body of eczema. I thought I’d try another.” ~ SL – Art of Skin Care

  9. pameee (verified owner)

    FINALLY! At 72 yrs old, and after trying hundreds of serums over the years, I have finally found my home. This is a miracle serum. I love how my dehydrated, dry skin with wrinkles and texture has improved. Never thought I’d get such smooth glowy skin again. Soooooooooooo HAPPY with Recovery!!!!

  10. Kelsey Butler

    “I love this stuff! It goes on easily and layers well with other products. I feel like it’s helping a little post-laser spot heal up faster than usual also!” ~ C – Skin Beautiful RX

  11. Kelsey Butler

    “All I can say is I can’t be without this product. Yes, it is expensive, but if I run out, I can quickly see a change in my skin. This is a staple in my beauty routine. I see fewer lines and wrinkles and an overall glow to my skin. Give it a try and a little time and you won’t be sorry.” ~ J – Christine Byer Esthetics

  12. Kelsey Butler

    “I was skeptical but after three weeks of using it, I see the difference. This is an investment due to the price but worth it. I will continue to purchase.” ~ AR – Art of Skin Care

  13. Kelsey Butler

    Miracle in a bottle?
    “Can a product show results within a few days? I can say for me, it sure can! I purchased the smallest bottle to test the product out. I was so impressed with the results, that I just purchased the largest one. Fine lines/wrinkles around my eyes and lips seemed to melt away. My skin is smoother, my pores seem to be smaller, works well under makeup and my blemish that I’ve had for over a week literally disappeared overnight. I can’t explain it because miracles are hard to explain.” ~ C – Freeze Co Beauty

  14. Kelsey Butler

    “This is an amazing product. I’ve been using it for about 2 months and have received tons of compliments on my skin. Last night I put a few drops on some spots leftover from my last hormonal breakout, and they were smaller and healed up quite a bit by morning. It’s expensive but 100% worth the splurge!” ~ SZ – Beauty Nook

  15. Kelsey Butler

    “Beautiful serum but the magic is in its stem technology, made my skin bouncier and fresher with each use, on my third bottle, won’t be without ????????????????” ~ SS – Medifine Skin Clinic

  16. Kelsey Butler

    Post Blepharoplasty
    I bought this specifically as prep for post-surgical healing. It really did a fantastic job in relieving the feeling of tightness from the sutures and comforting my “angry”, red suture lines after suture removal. I continue using it several times a day while fading and softening the scar lines. What a great product!” ~ P – Christine Byer Esthetics

  17. Kelsey Butler

    “Amazing!!!! I have only been using this product for a short time but have already noticed a difference in my skin! Worth the purchase.” ~ L – Skin Beautiful RX

  18. Kelsey Butler

    “I think I’m seeing results after only a few uses! This is the most money I’ve spent on one product (eek) but if it does what it claims then I will budget for it! Nice texture and consistency as well. Feels more hydrating than the Booster serum (which I also like).” ~ SK – Art of Skin Care

  19. Kelsey Butler

    Magic Potion
    “AMAZING PRODUCT! Expensive but worth every penny… One or two drops will do your face and calm and heal any issues. Recommended!” JCH – Freeze Co Beauty

  20. Kelsey Butler

    “I’m on my 3rd bottle, which means I am totally hooked Michelle recommended this for repairing and strengthening my skin. It is really potent but does cause me any redness or sensitivity. My face is finally not red and inflamed after years of suffering. I’m so happy!!” ~ C – Beauty Nook

  21. Kelsey Butler

    “If you have compromised skin by overdoing peels, exfoliation, or just actives, this is the go-to product. It works! It’s the only thing that got my skin back to a healthy condition and cleared my skin reaction. Expensive but worth it.” ~ DS – Medifine Skin Clinic

  22. Kelsey Butler

    “I use this NeoGenesis Recovery Serum after I microneedle or chemical peel. It makes my skin glow! Skin looks healthy, radiant & moisturized. I wouldn’t be without it.” ~ DM – Christine Byer Esthetics

  23. Kelsey Butler

    “I use the Neogenesis Booster and Recovery as part of my at-home microneedling regimen. These products are amazing and definitely produce results!” ~ E – Skin Beautiful RX

  24. Kelsey Butler

    “I use this after microneedling and it seems to speed the healing time. It’s also great for healing popped pimples and other wounds.” ~ TK – Art of Skin Care

  25. Kelsey Butler

    ” I am very happy with the results that I am getting. I have noticed that my eye bags and wrinkles diminished. I did my second purchase of the Eye Serum hoping to continue to see better results. ~ ME – Freeze Co Beauty

  26. Kelsey Butler

    “So far, the recovery serum has done all that it has promised. It helps heal cuts and scarring and is great for fine lines and wrinkles too.” ~ LG – Beauty Nook

  27. Kelsey Butler

    “After damaging my skin severely 18 months ago, I was researching for a full year and just could not get my skin back to health. Thankfully, my research finally led me here. I have been using this product for four months and the pain in my face has gone from 100% to 10% and continues to improve each day. I can’t imagine ever not having this in my routine going forward, and it has given me hope I can get my skin back to full health soon!” ~ LB – Medifine Skin Clinic

  28. Kelsey Butler

    Sinks into my skin
    “I love this product! I’ve used it for about two months and it somehow ‘rejuvenates’ my skin… all I know is my skin loves it! I wish I could get a barrel of it” ~ DN – Christine Byer Esthetics

  29. Kelsey Butler

    “Can I just say that this is the best thing my skin has EVER experienced? I have pretty significant acne scarring from 10+ years of cystic acne and this serum (that I’ve only been using for about 2 weeks) has already softened the appearance of the scarring. I literally can’t believe it. I always thought that I would need an intensive laser treatment to address the scars but this has been working like magic. I can’t wait to see how my skin is in the next few months!!!!!” ~ D – Skin Beautiful RX

  30. Kelsey Butler

    “This is really a great product! I especially like to use it around my eye and lip areas.” ~ KW – Art of Skin Care

  31. Kelsey Butler

    Life Changing for my Rosacea
    “I can see why this is as popular as it is because it’s really an amazing treatment serum. I’ve been using this morning and night for half a year and my lines are definitely not as pronounced. My redness is probably 70% reduced as well.” ~ L – Beauty Nook

  32. Kelsey Butler

    “This is a staple in my skincare routine now. Used up a few bottles by now. 10 ml lasts a good month if used once a day. Skin appears rested, hydrated, and youthful. Can’t be without ????????” ~ SS – Medifine Skin Clinic

  33. Kelsey Butler

    Fabulous product
    “This product is just fabulous. It is a bit pricey but it does last a long time if used judiciously. I use it on my whole face once a week (six drops does the trick). And as a side note, if I’m getting either a cold sore or a pimple, if I use Recovery on the bump (before it breaks to the surface) it will be gone in a day or two! It also helps heal the skin from burns or wounds too.” ~ KR – Christine Byer Esthetics

  34. Kelsey Butler

    “Soothing and speeds skin recovery time from peels and other skin irritations.” ~ S – Skin Beautiful RX

  35. Kelsey Butler

    “This product is amazing. I used 2 drops on an area of my neck that became red & irritated after accidentally touching an acidic product to it. The redness & discomfort were immediately relieved & didn’t come back. I’m looking forward to seeing how it works in adjunct to my daily skincare.” ~ EM – Art of Skin Care

  36. Kelsey Butler

    “This is my gem. Huge difference after implementing this into my skincare regimen.” ~ YC – Freeze Co Beauty

  37. Kelsey Butler

    “I have used the Recovery Serum together with the Eye serum and so far, I am very impressed with the level of hydration and how it smooths out fine lines. I am 35 and using NeoGenesis really improved my overall skin appearance. At my age, it is all about prevention and I am glad I found this product with this type of patented technology.” ~ LF – Medifine Skin Clinic

  38. Kelsey Butler

    You’re 65?
    “I’ve been using NeoGenesis products especially the Booster and Recovery for several months along with the TMP(purchased with the help of PayPal credit). My 65-year-old skin is plump and smoother and not so saggy. It also improved my hormonal acne. A little drop of the Booster goes a long way. It saves me costly invasive procedures .. because I do everything myself with the help of Christine’s videos. Facebook friends have commented as well as people I do not know, “You’re 65?” It has improved my mood and attitude about myself 100%.” ~ DL – Christine Byer Esthetics

  39. Kelsey Butler

    “I have been using the Recovery for a couple of months and my fine lines have definitely been lessening! Will continue to use!” ~ M – Skin Beautiful RX

  40. Kelsey Butler

    “This is such a wonderful serum!! I love it on my face for glowing, vibrant skin, but I originally bought it to treat some wounds and scarring on my legs from 2nd and 3rd degree burns over a large portion of my lower legs. I will continue to purchase even once my legs heal.” ~ MD – Art of Skin Care

  41. Kelsey Butler

    Loving this serum
    “Love this serum! It has been helping so much with hydration. My skin is loving it!” ~ RS – Freeze Co Beauty

  42. Kelsey Butler

    “Amazing, has helped to improve my skin after some damage caused by an allergic reaction. I will continue using it for further improvements!” ~ MM – Medifine Skin Clinic

  43. Kelsey Butler

    A Staple!
    “As Christine has said in her videos, Recovery keeps my skin in homeostasis. I feel like my skin doesn’t need peels like it used to and it’s great for speeding up the healing process of post-procedures, such as fibroblast, needling, or peels. I really knew it was doing something when I would put it on my new cystic pimple, and the pimple would disappear within a couple of days, which before I would have it for a couple of weeks. I will always keep Recovery in my beauty routine.” ~ A – Christine Byer Esthetics

  44. Kelsey Butler

    “This is definitely a reorder product. At 57, I love taking care of my skin and this product will be a staple in my regiment Recovery is a 5-star product.” ~ R – Skin Beautiful RX

  45. Kelsey Butler

    “I ordered NeoGenesis Recovery because I had a Plasma treatment done on my eyes. This product was recommended as an aftercare and I love the way the texture and formula hydrates my eyes.” ~RO – Art of Skin Care

  46. Kelsey Butler

    AWESOME Product!
    “I recently began the search for a GREAT stem cell/growth factors product after talking with my dermatologist. I have maintained a wonderful skincare routine for 35+ years but felt I needed to add something to boost my skincare regimen so watched three videos about the NeoGenesis Recovery Serum. I was convinced to make the investment in this product. I have only been using it for a couple of months, but by the 4th day of using it day and night, I saw a big difference in the overall tone and texture of my skin. I didn’t have major issues that I was concerned about, but this AMAZING product has begun transforming my skin to a smoother texture, is healing a small scar that is noticeable only to me, and the health and radiance of my skin is evident, every morning and evening when I wash my face! I couldn’t have chosen a better product to add to my arsenal. It is a bit pricey, but if you learn how little you really need to use for the full effect, it is well worth the money!” ~ KP – Freeze Co Beauty

  47. Kelsey Butler

    “Love this serum. Expensive but the results are amazing skin texture is smooth and firmer and I have had many comments on my clear glowing skin. I use it at night and after using my Time master pro device.” ~ EL – Medifine Skin Clinic

  48. Kelsey Butler

    “I had an online consultation with Christine prior to having the avatar facial by Isabel Brown. Christine recommended I use recovery immediately following the procedure to aid healing. What a great product! No sting like most serums I’ve used even though my skin was abrased and open. It locked in moisture when I applied my moisturizers. I haven’t stopped using it daily. I would recommend it after any procedure. ~ CV – Christine Byer Esthetics

  49. Kelsey Butler

    “I would give 100 stars if I could. Since I started adding one drop of this magic elixir to my evening skincare routine not only has the texture and general healthy look and glow of my skin gotten much better all the fine lines around my eyes are gone (unless I’m smiling :) ). I love, love, love Recovery. Last month I went butter fingers and dropped it on my slate floor and broke my bottle. I tried to live without it in my routine. That lasted 3 weeks. I was able to clearly see the difference in the health and texture and ordered another bottle. Needless to say, I’m very careful to never grab with other products still in my hands. Maybe Leah will make that bottle holder so we can all have our bottles organized and safe :)” ~ T – Skin Beautiful RX

  50. Kelsey Butler

    “Amazing serum! I use a tiny bit on my face at bedtime and have seen results in just a few days. Dark spots fading and a more even skin tone.” ~ LA – Art of Skin Care

  51. Kelsey Butler

    “This is my favorite NeoGenesis product by far. I started with the tiny dropper bottle and within a few days of using just two drops twice a day, I noticed a huge improvement in the condition of my skin. I knew it was a keeper. My skin looks and feels healthier, and I don’t notice the dryness and scaly skin I used to battle due to menopause and retinol. And I haven’t had any redness or rosacea since I started Recovery. I ordered the largest size recently and like the pump packaging. If I could only buy one NeoGenesis product, Recovery would be my pick.” ~ GA – Freeze Co Beauty

  52. Kelsey Butler

    “Brilliant product, purchased the smaller size to try first, I credit this product to my skin looking clearer, brighter, and more hydrated, I Spritz my face with the NeoGenesis Moisturizing Mist first which helps the product penetrate better, I will not be without this product.” ~ RT – Medifine Skin Clinic

  53. Kelsey Butler

    Will never be without – this stuff really works!!
    “While recovering from knee surgery I dabbed Recovery on my scars. They healed so quickly that even my surgeon was impressed!
    I also use it after fibroblast treatments now and my skin heals in half the time (compared to my first fibroblast treatment before knowing about Recovery).
    Extraordinary product.” ~ CW – Christine Byer Esthetics

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