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Balance + Refresh

This naturally formulated cleansing gel gently removes excess oil, dirt, and daily buildup while maintaining the moisture barrier and natural pH balance of the skin.

  • Gently cleanses without stripping the skin
  • Calms and soothes
  • Free of sulfates and other harmful ingredients
  • Oncology friendly
Massage a small amount onto dry face and neck, add water as needed, then rinse. May be used all over the body for gentle cleansing. Follow with NeoGenesis serums and moisturizer of your choice. Keep out of eyes. For external use only.
Water, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycerin, Propanediol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Citrus Paradisi (Pink Grapefruit) Oil, Panthenol, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Lactic Acid.




Beautiful skin begins with cleansing! If you don’t have the healthy, glowing skin you want, start by looking at your cleansing routine, including the type of cleanser you use and how you use it.  By making proper cleansing a priority, your skin will be set up for success.

NeoGenesis Cleanser is a very gentle, oncology-friendly, gel-based cleanser for all skin types.  It has been formulated with protecting the skin in mind.  The NeoGenesis Cleanser does not disrupt the barrier function and may be used many times a day. It may be used by the entire family, on the face and the body.

Cleansing promotes clear, bright, smooth, and hydrated skin. With impurities cleansed away, your skin is primed for additional products including your serums and moisturizers.  These products have a function in the skin and they can’t do their job if the skin’s canvas isn’t prepped and ready.

We recommend removing eye makeup and other stubborn makeup first or plan on doing a double cleanse to remove all dirt and debris.  Remember to cleanse well under the fine facial hair as it can give harbor to makeup, sunscreen, and dirt.

Read more about the benefits of cleansing on our blog.

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46 reviews for CLEANSER

  1. Verified User

    “My skin is super sensitive so I have a hard time finding products that don’t cause breakouts. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cleanser. My skin feels clean, smooth and PH balanced after using it. If you have skin sensitivities… NeoGenesis rocks!” ~ KC – Christine Byer Esthetics

  2. Verified User

    “Great cleanser all around. Skin always feels refreshed when washing with this cleanser. It was recommended for me by my esthetician and it’s the only one I’ve used since.” ~ CA – Art of Skin Care

  3. Verified User

    “My new favorite cleanser!!! Feels amazing on almost like a serum consistency and face doesn’t feel tight after washing.” ~ L – Skin Beautiful RX

  4. Verified User

    “Great and gentle for acne prone skin. I love this cleanser when I am doing a double cleanse. I have acne prone skin and have had no problems!” ~ JS – Art of Skin Care

  5. Verified User

    “Hands down NeoGenesis is the absolute BEST skincare line that I’ve encountered!

    These 3 products (Cleanser, Skin Serum, Intensive Moisturizer) I utilize morning and night and have seen a drastic improvement in texture and tone, and overall a more radiant and healthy glow to my skin!” ~ Leanne – Luxe Aesthetic & Artistry Spa

  6. Verified User (verified owner)

    “Light but very effective cleanser.” ~ G – Skin Beautiful RX

  7. Verified User (verified owner)

    This is my 4th bottle
    “I have very dry sensitive skin, this is so gentle. This cleans so well. This is also made for cancer patients and burn victims.I will always be buying this.” ~ BS – Skin Truth

  8. Verified User (verified owner)

    “I have been using this cleanser every day in conjunction with the neogenesis mist straight after. It is gentle and cleanses well, high quality and I always keep a spare bottle in my skin product cabinet. I use the cleanser in between when I need a deep clean and occasionally use the truth treatment as well. This cleanser feels right and I think it will suit many skin types.” ~ DD – Medifine Skin Clinic

  9. Verified User (verified owner)

    Gentle cleanser
    “I use this cleanser as my second step in my cleansing routine. This is so gentle for my sensitive, dry, eczema, rosacea prone skin. It feels so soothing and luxurious on the skin. I actually love washing my face it feels like a spa experience! Love it!” ~ J – Christine Byer Esthetics

  10. Verified User (verified owner)

    “Great cleanser! Effective but still so gentle and soothing. I love it. Just repurchased.” ~ M – Skin Beautiful RX

  11. Verified User (verified owner)

    “First time purchase and sooo impressed! This cleanser deeps cleans but is super gentle and non stripping a very faint citrus smell I am in love!! This will definitely become a staple in my routine!” ~ EB – Beauty Nook

  12. Verified User (verified owner)

    “This is a great gentle cleanser but it takes all the makeup off so good. It is soothing.” ~ B – Skin Truth

  13. Verified User (verified owner)

    “The amount of lather is just right. One squirt is the right amount. My skin always looks and feels moist after using. Never dry or irritated.” ~ LM – Art of Skin Care

  14. Verified User (verified owner)

    Delicate and efficient cleanser
    “I’ve been using this cleanser for a few weeks and I love it. I have oily acne-prone skin, so I am reluctant to trying new products because I am afraid they will not be suitable for my sensitive skin. However, this cleanser cleans very well and also leaves my skin smooth – it hasn’t caused any breakouts. I like to use it in the morning.” ~ A – Christine Byer Esthetics

  15. Verified User (verified owner)

    NeoGenesis Cleanser
    “This is my holy grail cleanser. It leaves my skin clean without stripping me of all the essential oils we need to have healthy skin. You can’t go wrong with this cleanser.” ~ BM – Freeze Co Beauty

  16. Verified User (verified owner)

    “I needed a new cleanser when my favorite for years was discontinued. This hasn’t disappointed and has become my go-to cleanser. I rotate with Truth Treatments Honey Hyaluronic cleanser but do find the NeoGenesis is a bit gentler so I use it much more often then the Truth Treatments. I do believe that skin can become accustomed to a product with constant use so I will keep the Truth Treatment one in my arsenal for occasional use, but the NeoGenesis product will be my main cleanser.” ~ M – Beauty Nook

  17. Verified User (verified owner)

    Love this cleanser!
    “I use this for my 2nd cleanse after my makeup remover balm at night and it feels luxurious. It’s non-irritating, non-drying and effective. Leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth. Also love that it’s PH balanced. Definitely purchasing again!” ~ K – Christine Byer Esthetics

  18. Verified User (verified owner)

    Gentle and Effective
    “I got a small sample of this with my order. I used it and it was so gentle. I have dry sensitive skin. It cleans great and there is no gross smell. Just bought a full size.” ~ JL – Skin Truth

  19. Verified User (verified owner)

    “Love this cleanser. My face is so clean after using it.” ~ D – Skin Beautiful RX

  20. Verified User (verified owner)

    “I was recently introduced to this line through my facialist (hi Michelle) and it is incredible. My skin is so soft and healthy with no redness or irritation!” ~ J – Beauty Nook

  21. Verified User (verified owner)

    “I was looking for a gentle cleanser at night. This is it. It lathers easily and removes mascara. My skin is dry and this doesn’t make it drier.” ~ P – Skin Truth

  22. Verified User (verified owner)

    Neogenesis Cleanser – The Best
    “This was my 2nd purchase of the Neogenesis Cleanser. It is lightweight, and very gentle. My skin never feels stripped or dry after using. I love it and will continue to purchase!” ~ MD – Freeze Co Beauty

  23. Verified User (verified owner)

    “Excellent cleanser, very gentle but effective!” ~ MC – Art of Skin Care

  24. Verified User (verified owner)

    “Love NeoGenesis cleanser. Makes my face feel so clean and soft.” ~ M – Skin Beautiful RX

  25. Verified User (verified owner)

    “I like it; it doesn’t make my skin feel dry at after washing it. ~ AA – Art of Skin Care

  26. Verified User (verified owner)

    “This cleanser is amazing. It has a lovely texture, very gentle, yet cleanses well. It has a really nice almost elastin feel to it. I really am loving this one.” ~ JC – Christine Byer Esthetics

  27. Verified User (verified owner)

    “Very gentle. Never irritates my skin. Skin feels clean and refreshed. Nice, light scent. I’m on my second bottle.” ~ A – Skin Beautiful RX

  28. Verified User (verified owner)

    “love the product” ~ RJ – Art of Skin Care

  29. Verified User (verified owner)

    In love!
    “I love this cleanser! Super gentle and my skin feels so soft and clean!!!” ~ AS – Freeze Co Beauty

  30. Verified User (verified owner)

    Big Payoff – Grime be Gone!
    “I recently wrote a review on another of Chrstines product touting the benefits to ‘double cleanse ‘recently taught by Christine. I use this product for Step 1. To back up……I have always ‘thought’ a cleanser is a cleanser, and have gone with popular drug store products, but they always left my face feeling a little filmy like the gunk wasn’t gone. Decided to experiment with the double cleanse and this product. Two things have shocked me about this cleanser 1) The very small amount needed 2) My eye makeup is GENTLY destroyed w and I rarely need eye makeup remover. Yes the price is more than drug store, but this bottle will last me a very long time. Christine proved herself right again!!” ~ MS – Christine Byer Esthetics

  31. Verified User (verified owner)

    Best Cleanser
    “Love how soft and well-nourished my face feels after using this!” ~ MD – Freeze Co Beauty

  32. Verified User (verified owner)

    “Love it! I use it every day as the second step cleanse in my routine” ~ E – Skin Beautiful RX

  33. Verified User (verified owner)

    Beautiful product
    “I love the way it leaves my face so smooth” ~ JL – Christine Byer Esthetics

  34. Verified User (verified owner)

    “I love this cleanser. It is a gel that foams up when used. It cleanses my face very well. It has little to no scent. I have already purchased a second bottle for when my first is gone.” ~ AA – Art of Skin Care

  35. Verified User (verified owner)

    Simple Clean Cleansing
    “My skin has a bit of dryness, so this is something that I use only once a day – it gives a clean fresh feeling.” ~ MR – Freeze Co Beauty

  36. Verified User (verified owner)

    Excellent for sensitive skin
    “My skin is super sensitive so I have a hard time finding products that don’t cause breakouts. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cleanser. My skin feels clean, smooth and PH balanced after using it. If you have skin sensitivities… NeoGenesis rocks!” ~ KC – Christine Byer Esthetics

  37. Verified User (verified owner)

    “I enjoy using this cleanser due to not having damaging ingredients” ~ M – Skin Beautiful RX

  38. Verified User (verified owner)

    Favorite cleanser!
    “My new favorite cleanser!!! Feels amazing on almost like a serum consistency and face doesn’t feel tight after washing.” ~ MR – Art of Skin Care

  39. Verified User (verified owner)

    “Excelent product. Clean well the skin. Keep soft and no residues.” ~ CC – Freeze Co Beauty

  40. Verified User (verified owner)

    “A must have!!” ~ K – Skin Beautiful RX

  41. Verified User (verified owner)

    “This cleanser is sooo good I can use it even over my eyes(very sensitive eyes and skin)I use it as a morning cleanse and a second cleanse in the evening…My skin never feels tight after using this and I got difficult skin. You use only one pump at a time so one bottle goes a long way. This one I will use forever…” ~ A – Freeze Co Beauty

  42. Verified User (verified owner)

    “Great cleanser for dry sensitive skin. I am very picky about my cleansers. I have been using the same cleanser for about 8 years because I never could find anything better. I usually prefer cream cleansers however I am loving this cleanser even though it is a gel. I am definitely switching to this NeoGenesis cleanser.” ~ A – Skin Beautiful RX

  43. Verified User (verified owner)

    Perfect cleanser
    “This is my daily cleanser. It leaves your face feeling clean but not dry feeling.” ~ VW – Art of Skin Care

  44. Verified User (verified owner)

    Excellent Gentle Cleanser
    “Such a pleasure to use, rinses easily and leaves skin clean and soft. It’s a keeper!” ~ JC – Freeze Co Beauty

  45. Verified User (verified owner)

    “My favorite cleanser! A must have.” ~ C – Skin Beautiful RX

  46. Verified User (verified owner)

    Great for sensitive skin
    “This cleanser has been amazing for my skin. I have very sensitive skin and most cleansers dry out my skin but not this one! My face feels great after using it, it has a very mild smell which I also like.” ~ NF – Art of Skin Care

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