NeoGenesis provides a line of skincare products for rosacea-prone skin to calm irritation and redness. Naturally deliver the nutrients needed for the skin to become balanced, smooth in texture and even in tone. NeoGenesis skin care products support inflammation reduction, relieve burning and stinging sensations and help to bring the skin back to a healthy state.


  • Soothes rosacea symptoms
  • Hydrates the skin adequately
  • Minimizes flare-ups
  • Smoothes skin texture
  • Calms redness and irritation
  • Restores an even skin tone

STEP 1: Help your client settle into the treatment by dispensing a few drops of essential oils onto your palms. Place your palms over your client’s face and instruct them to take a deep breath in to invigorate their senses. Leave your palms in place for another minute while encouraging deep breathing to help your client relax.

STEP 2: Remove any eye and lip makeup with Erase the Day. Cleanse with Cleanser to remove any additional impurities as well as balance the pH of the skin. Remove the cleanser with 4 x 4 wipes. 

STEP 3: Apply a thin layer of Enzyme Crème Mask to damp or dry skin (avoid the eye area). Leave on the skin for 3-5 minutes, then remove the mask with a warm wet towel or 4 x 4 wipes.

STEP 4: Proceed with your modality of choice. For example, red LED light for 30 minutes followed by applying Moisturizing Mist and Glide Gel with cooling globes to reduce skin temperature and redness. Remove Glide Gel with a cold damp towel.

STEP 5: Spritz MB-1 over the face to calm the skin, reset the pH balance, and prepare the skin for treatment serums. 

STEP 6: While the skin is still damp, apply Recovery. Follow with the Eye Serum to hydrate, minimize signs of aging, and target dark circles and puffiness.

STEP 7: Apply Barrier Renewal Cream.

STEP 8: Apply *MB-2.

STEP 9: Apply mineral sunscreen if treatment is during the day. 

Pro Tip: Pop the MB-1 in the fridge and spritz it cold on the skin to relieve itch during the treatment.

*Product currently in testing
Type 1 Dry Rosacea is characterized by persistent redness that can be accompanied by couperose (capillary veins visible in the cheek area), roughness and dryness. Burning or stinging sensations may also be experienced. 
Type 2 Wet Rosacea is characterized by persistent redness that can be accompanied by transient papules, watery vesicles, edema (swelling), and heat welts. Burning or stinging sensations may also be experienced.


STEP 1: Use Cleanser. 

STEP 2 OPTIONAL: Spritz Moisturizing Mist across the face and neck. If skin is feeling tight or dry, skip step 1 Cleanser, and use Moisturizing Mist on a cotton round to refresh the skin.

STEP 3: Apply Recovery on wet rosacea or Booster on dry rosacea.

STEP 4: Apply Barrier Renewal Cream.

STEP 5 OPTIONAL: Spritz MB-1 across the face and neck. *If possible, spitz MB-1 across the face and neck mid-day before reapplying sunscreen or an hour after reapplying sunscreen. 

STEP 6: Finish with mineral sunscreen.


STEP 1: Double cleanse using Cleanser (once if not wearing sunscreen or makeup).

STEP 2 – OPTIONAL: Spritz Moisturizing Mist across the face and neck. If the skin is feeling tight or dry, skip step 1 Cleanser, and use Moisturizing Mist on a cotton round to refresh the skin instead. 

STEP 3: 

REPAIR: Apply Recovery on wet rosacea or Booster on dry rosacea.


EXFOLIATE: Starting with once per week and building to four times per week: 

IF DRY ROSACEA: Apply Enzyme Crème Mask

IF WET ROSACEA: Apply Mandelic Acid 8%

* Example: Monday – Mandelic Acid 8%, Tuesday – Recovery, Wednesday – Mandelic Acid 8%, Thursday –  Recovery, Friday – Mandelic Acid 8%, Saturday – Recovery, Sunday – Mandelic Acid 8% 

STEP 4: Apply Barrier Renewal Cream

STEP 5 OPTIONAL: Spitz MB-1 across the face and neck.



Early diagnosis is important for treating rosacea. Daily use of a mineral sunscreen and keeping the skin cool can help prevent flare-ups. Avoid facial products that contain alcohol or other irritants like fragrances. Following a skin care plan designed with your health care or skin care provider that is supportive of your skin barrier can certainly help the appearance and number of flare-ups.

NeoGenesis Booster serum, abundant in S²RM®, as well as Skin Serum, naturally delivers the nutrients needed by healthy skin to act normally is appropriate for type 1 dry rosacea. Choose Recovery serum if you have type 2 wet rosacea to not overhydrate your skin and reduce inflammation.

Those with rosacea should use new products carefully, monitoring their response as new products can be a trigger. Using Booster or Skin Serum, as recommended by a skin care professional, on cleansed skin daily and following with Barrier Renewal Cream can provide the necessary emollients and molecules to enable the skin to become less red and irritated. Incorporate Mandelic Acid 8% and MB-1 to help diminish the buildup of texture that can develop with this condition.

In addition to a calming and barrier supportive skin care routine, it’s important to minimize triggers. These can include foods that are high in catecholamines; coffee, tea, bananas, citrus fruits, chocolate and vanilla. Spicy foods are another known trigger for rosacea, as is alcohol and refined sugar. Most important, stress is critical to managing rosacea and preventing flare-ups so make sure to incorporate healthy stress management practices into your daily lifestyle.

Visit our blog: Skincare Protocol for Rosacea to learn more.


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