Enhance your Radio Frequency treatments by harnessing the power of NeoGenesis stem cell technology. Pairing this skin tightening treatment with NeoGenesis skin care products will minimize treatment risks, side effects and promote increased results. By feeding the skin nutrients that it was once able to create on its own when it was young and healthy, the skin will better respond to Radio Frequency treatments.


  • Improves skin texture and firmness
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightens sagging skin
  • Promotes body contouring
  • Corrects loss of tone and elasticity
Radio Frequency


If possible, pre-treat the skin for a minimum of 2 weeks before treatment with Recovery and Barrier Renewal Cream twice daily to strengthen the skin and improve treatment results. 

STEP 1: Help your client settle into the treatment by dispensing a few drops of essential oils onto your palms. Place your palms over your client’s face and instruct them to take a deep breath in to invigorate the senses. Leave your palms in place for another minute while encouraging deep breathing to help your client relax.

STEP 2: Remove any makeup with Erase the Day. Double cleanse with Cleanser to remove any additional impurities as well as balance the pH of the skin. Remove the cleanser with 4 x 4 wipes. 

STEP 3: Apply a thin layer of Enzyme Crème Mask to damp or dry skin (avoid the eye area). Leave on the skin for 3-8 minutes, then remove the mask with a warm wet towel or 4 x 4 wipes.

STEP 4: Proceed with the Radio Frequency treatment using Glide Gel.

STEP 5: Spritz the skin with Moisturizing Mist to reset pH balance, hydrate and prepare the skin for serum application.

STEP 6: While the skin is still damp, apply Recovery and/or Booster.

STEP 7: Apply 2-3 pumps of Barrier Renewal Cream to the face and neck.

STEP 8: Apply mineral sunscreen if treatment is during the day.



Apply nothing to the skin (i.e. do not cleanse or apply any skin care products or makeup).

Optional: Spritz Moisturizing Mist or MB-1 (if acne-prone) 2-4 times as needed to hydrate skin throughout the day. 


Begin to use Cleanser, Recovery and Barrier Renewal Cream in that order twice daily. Wear mineral sunscreen during the day to protect skin from UV rays.

On day 6 or 7, use Enzyme Crème Mask.


Resume the use of actives such as vitamin A and exfoliating acids.


Radio frequency helps smooth wrinkles and tighten sagging skin using stimulating waves of energy.

This skin tightening treatment uses a wand to create electromagnetic waves and generate heat deep into the skin. 

It heats the skin to 42 C or 107 F to stimulate collagen and elastin production to remodel skin texture.


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