Elevate Your Skincare Results

Take your post-treatment skincare to the next level and reduce downtime with a collection of products designed to support the skin barrier for enhanced protection and lasting results.


Care for your skin post-treatment with one of our skin care kits, perfectly packaged with medical grade products to help maximize results + soothe, calm and nourish the skin after any professional treatment.

Aftercare Essentials Kit

Minimize downtime + enhance your skin with this powerful trio of products designed to elevate your post-treatment recovery. 

Restore + Hydrate Kit

Boost skincare results after professional treatments with potent antioxidants + peptides for advanced hydration that supports and protects the skin barrier.

Ultimate Pro Post-Treatment Kit

Improve results + reduce downtime with the Ultimate Pro Post-Treatment Kit. Support the skin with products that deliver instant hydration and cooling relief while soothing redness and irritation.

Renew + Revive Kit

Support skin to maximize results post-treatment with the Renew + Revive Kit. Hydrate and nourish with ingredients that naturally replenish the skin and help reduce overall downtime.

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“We are excited to introduce these new post-treatment kits which will help improve results while reducing downtime,” says NeoGenesis CEO Steve McGee. “We believe these products will provide our customers with an enhanced experience when it comes to achieving their desired results after a professional skin treatment. A great home protocol can make all the difference with an accelerated recovery, and we’re glad we can support our partner clinics with that effort.”

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