NeoGenesis advanced technology provides skin care and hair care products that enhance people’s quality of life by returning their skin and hair to glowing health


When a person’s tissue is damaged by disease or trauma, or simply by the aging process, several types of stem cells in and around the affected area are activated and release a multitude of stem cell released molecules (SRMs) that act as building blocks, and messengers communicating with the surrounding cells. The building block molecules, such as different types of collagen, provide the elements needed to rebuild and heal the skin.  The messenger molecules instruct the surrounding cells to begin the repair and regeneration process. SRMs from two or more stem cell types whose function is to maintain and heal the skin throughout our lifetimes, have been designated as S²RM®.


S²RM® technology centers on the identification, stimulation, and culture of the appropriate adult human stem cell types, and the collection of the molecules that they release. Our formulas use the S²RM® to provide ingredients that mimic and enhance your body’s own natural stem cell function. The molecules are packaged in exosomes, which are naturally produced nanoparticles that protect the molecules and provide a targeted delivery system. The exosomes, which are far superior to liposomes, are then released from the cells so they pass through the skin barriers to directly target the damaged tissue.

NeoGenesis Inc. is not an ordinary skin care company. We are a science and technology-driven skin and hair care company that applies the latest advances in adult stem cell research to promote what we call ‘skin-fitness.’ This means that we are careful to use the safest and most effective technology available to enable healthy skin.


Recognizing that skin care for most people means they will use products every day over the course of their lifetime, we must be very careful of the continual exposure of the skin to the ingredients contained within our skin care products. NeoGenesis is careful to use ingredients that are normally found in healthy skin, such as hyaluronic acid and the S²RM® molecules. In this way, we help to limit the exposure of our skin to unwanted, potentially harmful ingredients. Instead, we simply replenish those ingredients normally found in young, healthy skin. Our approach at NeoGenesis is therefore the truest sense of the term “organic,” given that we simply return to your body what was normally there in our youth.

Each ingredient in our products is chosen to be the safest and most effective available today.  Whether it is skin that is damaged from years of exposure, chronic issues such as Rosacea, or skin traumatized by cancer treatments, our products have no contraindications. NeoGenesis utilizes the latest advances in adult stem cell research to create science-based cosmetic products that promote vibrant, smoother complexions and lustrous, healthy hair and lashes.


Unlike many other cosmetic ingredients and modalities, S²RM® technology works with the skin, not against it.  Instead, by using the molecules released by stem cells, our products actually mimic the function of stem cells in the skin. The molecules from the stem cells also serve to enhance the skin’s own stem cell niches. In this way, the technology of NeoGenesis works with the skin in a completely natural manner.  We do not overstimulate or overdrive the skin which leads to pro-aging, nor do we use synthetic and unnatural ingredients that are often harmful to the skin with long term use.


As one of the leading research labs in the US, with many peer-reviewed PubMed listed publications, and through our close relationships with the nation’s other top research labs, we utilize the latest knowledge and techniques in skin and hair care product science. With this technical expertise, NeoGenesis offers a collection of products that benefit all skin conditions. Our priority is to create skin and hair care products that are oncology friendly and effective. The results speak for themselves. Our products are luxurious, manufactured using GMP processes in an FDA-registered laboratory, and meticulously designed. Healthy skin is radiant skin with a beautiful glow. Our products may be used to help restore your skin’s natural capacity to regenerate itself. The results are noticeably vibrant, smoother complexions and healthy hair and lashes.