Educational Videos – Oncology Support

The Learn section in the NeoGenesis site offers educational videos for oncology support. Learn about minimizing side effects during radiation treatments for breast cancer with our S²RM® technology, skin care protocols for radiation dermatitis, how our products naturally support and nourish the skin during chemo treatments, pre + post cancer surgery skin care protocols, Mohs surgery for Squamous Cell Carcinoma and more.

The use of powerful cancer fighting treatments including Chemotherapy, Radiation, and drug therapy are known to cause serious skin and hair issues ranging from mild discomfort to extreme pain. Our oncology safe skincare products are designed to support you wherever you are in your treatment journey. NeoGenesis’ patented S²RM® technology helps to strengthen the skin prior to cancer-related treatments (such as radiation, chemo and cancer surgery), and helps rejuvenate it during and post-treatment.

NeoGenesis products naturally support the skin, delivering nutrient-rich molecules to areas that are inflamed, sunburned, and peeling from the effects of cancer treatments. Simple topical application of these products should help mitigate redness, irritation, and pain. Regain your confidence and provide relief with the NeoGenesis line of non-toxic, oncology safe skin and hair solutions before, during, and after treatment. All of our skincare products have a money-back guarantee.

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