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Microneedling / Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

Collagen Induction Therapy / Micro-needling treatment by Minx Mogul

Microneedling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), is a procedure that improves the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, loss of firmness, brown spots and stretch marks by stimulating the skin’s natural ability to repair itself.  A device with tiny, sharp needles is used to create hundreds of micro-channels in the skin.  This process triggers the skin to release growth factors and cytokines, producing more collagen and elastin, resulting in younger looking skin.

During a treatment, the skin is first numbed using a topical OTC anesthetic cream that keeps the client comfortable during the procedure. The micro-needle glides effortlessly over the skin with the use of a topical serum to create a glide on the skin’s surface.  We recommend using NeoGenesis Skin Serum for the perfect amount of glide while infusing the patented S²RM® technology for faster healing with less inflammation.  The micro-channels created are a pathway for the delivery of optimal ingredients into the skin while keeping the barrier intact.  This is what makes CIT preferable to many of the ablative treatments available which destroy the top layer of the skin.  The channels close up very quickly so there is minimal risk of infection or hyperpigmentation (brown spots).

CIT is a well tolerated and cost effective treatment that is suitable for most skin types and conditions, including sensitive skin, darker skin, Rosacea, fine and deep lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness, acne, scarring and stretch marks.  It may be performed on the face or body with excellent results.  Due to the channels created in the skin, the skin will be red and feel irritated for a few hours after the procedure with possible light peeling days 3 – 5 after the treatment.  Continued improvement may be seen 4 to 6 months after the initial treatment.  For best results, a series is recommended.  Please consult with your skin care professional to design the best plan for your skin.

NeoGenesis and Microneedling are a perfect match.  Our Recovery Serum boosts the skin’s ability to regenerate using the patented S²RM® technology and may be applied both before and directly after the needling is complete.  Inflammation and irritation will be dramatically reduced while the skin benefits directly from added growth factors. Intensive Moisturizer will keep the skin hydrated and improve barrier function before, during and after the treatment.

Special Note:

Microneedling treatments, as performed by Estheticians, are regulated by the governing Board in each state.  Some states allow Estheticians to perform Microneedling under very specific guidelines while other states do not allow Estheticians to perform it at all.  It is important to contact the State Board that the Esthetician is licensed and working in for the complete guide to Estheticians performing Microneedling in each state.



“I am addicted to Recovery and your Eye Serum. Post-Microneedling, Recovery drops helped reduce my downtime from days to less than an hour. Your Eye Serum gives my eyes a feeling that is amazing. It’s so soothing and hydrating. As a professional Aesthetician, I can tell you have never seen anything like the NeoGenesis products.” ~ DB

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

Esthetician review - NeoGenesis Recovery for Micro-needling“I am a licensed Esthetician who has become a big believer in NeoGenesis Recovery for many of my treatments. I want to mention a client with over-stimulated skin due to her home care protocol of too many actives at one time. During her first Collagen Induction Therapy session, and as a brand new client, I could barely perform the treatment as her skin reacted with large red welts and some pinpoint bleeding at a very shallow needle depth.  During that time she remained red for over 2 days.  The redness should have dissipated in a few hours.  Fast forward one month to the second treatment.  My client was compliant in her home care. During her treatment I used Recovery prior to the micro-needling and immediately after.  The difference was remarkable!  The first photo shows my client immediately after her second treatment.  The second photo shows her in less than 20 minutes post treatment!  This is taken in natural light with absolutely no makeup or filters.  I am a believer and Recovery will definitely be in my protocol for micro-needling.” ~ PV


Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“I have been LOVING the Recovery and Barrier Renewal post microneedling.  They are absolutely hands down the best products I’ve ever used post-treatment and my clients are obsessed with it.”  

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“I use this after microneedling and it seems to speed the healing time. It’s also great for healing popped pimples and other wounds.” ~ TK – Art of Skin Care

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“I used this Recovery serum after a nitrogen plasma treatment. I healed quickly and any treatment markings cleared rapidly. Although it is pricey, I highly recommend for all post-recovery from lasers, plasma pen or micro-needling.” ~ CR – Art of Skin Care

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“I purchased the NeoGenesis Recovery Serum to use with my at home microneedling device. I use the protocol suggested by Jeana on the Art of Skin care website. I have only used the protocol about 6 times but my skin is really looking great. Very glowy!” ~ EP – Art of Skin Care

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“Love this serum. I use it with my microneedling system and my skin has never been softer or clearer!” ~ KW – Art of Skin Care

Product: Booster

“I use the NeoGenesis Booster and Recovery as part of my at home microneedling regimen. These products are amazing and definitely produce results!” ~ EP – Skin Beautiful RX

Products: NeoGenesis Recovery, Booster

“Love this cream. What a wonderful and soothing cream. No question that I am seeing a noticeable difference. I am using after microneedling and after my weekly peels.” ~ SL – Art of Skin Care

Product: Barrier Renewal Cream

“Love this. Great results, I love using it after I microneedle.” ~ SH – Art of Skin Care

Product: Booster

“This is my second bottle of the NeoGenesis mist. I really enjoy the way it feels on my face, neck, and chest. It’s so nice and refreshing. When the redness acts up in my cheeks this really soothes them. Out of all the mists I have this one seems to work best with my makeup base and tinted sunscreens. I also love it for rewetting the slip when I’m using micro needle pen. This mist is lovely. I’ll always keep on hand.” ~ TS – Skin Beautiful RX

Product: Moisturizing Mist

“Awesome! Use this to microneedle and it is amazing. I heal quicker and my skin glows! Love it so much, I bought more from NeoGenesis.” ~ CR – Skin Beautiful RX

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“FAV SERUM. I love to use this serum when I’m microneedling. I’ve definitely seen a lightening in my sunspots and an overall healthier complexion!” ~ KW – Art of Skin Care

Product: Booster

“I’m in my late 50’s and have a lot of texture in my skin. I have been using the NeoGenesis Booster serum with my at-home microneedling device. Yesterday, my sister noticed my skin looked a lot smoother. Yay! This is a fabulous product!” ~ EP – Art of Skin Care

Product: Booster

“Restorative for my aging skin. I started NeoGenesis Intensive Moisturizer in January 2020 and LOVE it. It is hydrating, absorbs into my dry skin instead of just sitting on top. I like adding their Skin Serum first. I also use the Recovery after micro-needling. Best skin care line of my lifetime.” ~ DP – Art of Skin Care

Product: Intensive Moisturizer

“Wow. Holy moly, I was hesitant about the price tag so I bought the trial size version. 

I have been using it nightly and after my home microneedling treatment and I AM IN LOVE. I will be splurging on myself and getting the full size version. 

My skin tone seems to have evened out some already at just a week into using it.” ~ ES Art of Skin Care

Product: NeoGenesis Recovery

“Awesome!! I use this when I micro-needle which I do every week or every other week. It helps so much to keep my skin moist while I micro-needle which is so much better than constantly applying serum. I also noticed it helps to speed my recovery! Amazing!! I will always have this in stock.” ~ JC – Art of Skin Care

Product: Moisturizing Mist

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