NeoGenesis skin care products support acneic skin, rebalancing and restoring the skin’s pH and natural sebum production. Our S²RM® technology encourages a healthy skin barrier to calm irritation, redness and breakout activity. Our deeply nourishing products restore the skin back to a healthy state by supporting the reduction of inflammation and a balanced microbiome for clear skin.


  • Balances oil production
  • Strengthens the skin barrier
  • Targets acne bacteria to clear breakouts
  • Minimizes the appearance of pore size
  • Soothes uneven skin texture and acne scars
  • Brightens post inflammatory hyperpigmentation



STEP 1: Help your client settle into the treatment by dispensing a few drops of essential oils onto your palms. Place your palms over your client’s face and instruct them to take a deep breath in to invigorate the senses. Leave your palms in place for another minute while encouraging deep breathing to help your client relax. 

STEP 2: Remove any eye and lip makeup with Erase the Day. Double cleanse with Cleanser to remove any additional impurities as well as balance the pH of the skin. Remove the cleanser with 4 x 4 wipes.

STEP 3: Apply Volcanic Ash Mask. Leave on the skin for 5 minutes to encourage comedones to surface. Apply a warm, wet, dark towel to the skin and leave it on for 5 minutes, or until the towel cools. Gently remove the mask.

STEP 4: Perform extractions. Use Cleanser to remove any remaining debris with 4 x 4 wipes.

STEP 5: Apply Moisturizing Mist to calm the skin down. This is a great way to cool and soothe the skin post extractions, reset the pH balance, and prepare the skin for treatment serums.

STEP 6: Perform the modality(ies) appropriate for the client’s needs – LED light therapy, Chemical Peel, Jet Plasma, etc.

STEP 7 (Optional): Apply your soothing or cooling mask of choice and calm the skin using cooling globes or ice roller, if applicable. Remove the mask with a 4×4 or a slightly warm, wet towel.

STEP 8: Apply Recovery while the skin is still damp. Follow with the Eye Serum and hydrate, minimize signs of aging, and target dark circles and puffiness. 

STEP 9: Depending on the type of lesions, apply Mandelic Acid 8% (inflamed and combination acne) and/or Salicylic Acid Gel (non-inflamed acne or spot-treating pustular lesions). 

STEP 10: Apply Barrier Renewal Cream to the face and neck.

STEP 11: Spray MB-1 across the face.

STEP 12: Apply mineral sunscreen if treatment is during the day.


Non-inflamed acne is characterized by open and or closed comedones (blackheads and or congestion).
Inflamed acne is characterized by papules, pustules and or cysts.


STEP 1: Use Cleanser. 

STEP 2 (Optional): Spritz MB-1 across face and neck. If the skin is feeling tight or dry, skip step 1 Cleanser, and use MB-1 on a cotton round to refresh the skin. 

STEP 3: Apply Recovery or if skin is feeling tight/dry, use Booster. 

STEP 4: Apply Barrier Renewal Cream. 

STEP 5 (Optional): Spray MB-1 across the face (under silicone-based sunscreen or over lightweight sunscreen). 

STEP 6: Finish with mineral sunscreen. *If possible, spritz MB-1 across the face and neck mid-day before reapplying sunscreen or an hour after reapplying sunscreen.


STEP 1: Remove any eye and lip makeup with Erase the Day on a cotton round.

STEP 2: Double cleanse with Cleanser to thoroughly cleanse the skin (or only once if not wearing sunscreen and or makeup). Remove with a clean face towel using sweeping motions. 

STEP 3 (Optional): Spritz MB-1 across face and neck. If skin is feeling tight or dry, skip step 1 Cleanser and use MB-1 on a cotton round to refresh skin instead. 


REPAIR – Apply Recovery on damp skin or if the skin is feeling tight or dry, apply Booster.

– OR –

EXFOLIATE – Starting with once per week and building to four times per week:

IF NON-INFLAMED ACNE GRADE 1 AND 2: Apply Salicylic Acid Gel

IF INFLAMED ACNE GRADE 3 AND 4: Apply Mandelic Acid 8%

EXAMPLE: Monday – Mandelic Acid 8%, Tuesday – Recovery, Wednesday – Mandelic Acid 8%, Thursday – Recovery, Friday – Mandelic Acid 8%, Saturday – Recovery, Sunday – Mandelic Acid 8% 

* Can spot-treat pustules with Salicylic Acid Gel on top of Mandelic Acid 8%

STEP 5: Apply Barrier Renewal Cream.

STEP 6 (Optional): Spritz MB-1 across the face and neck.



Acne occurs when the hair follicles under the skin become plugged with oil and dead skin cells, which results in skin that may be inflamed or non-inflamed. Either of these conditions may cause open or closed comedones, papules, pustules or cysts.

If you have acne-prone skin, the first step is using a gentle cleanser without sulfates. NeoGenesis Cleanser can be used on all skin types and all skin conditions, leaving the skin clean and nourished, without stripping the skin. Use our Cleanser twice daily.

After Cleanser, Recovery serum, abundant in S²RM®  technology, is helpful to naturally restore balance within the skin. Using Recovery twice a day after cleansing will help to restore the skin and reduce the risk of scarring that can occur.

On opposite evenings, apply Mandelic Acid 8% or Salicylic Acid Gel (once a week in the evening for the first week, twice a week for the second week and three times a week for the third week. Build up slowly to reduce purging and to identify your skin’s sweet spot. You can increase your usage up to every other evening (four times per week) to target acne bacteria while protecting your skin barrier. Salicylic Acid Gel can be used as a spot treatment on pustular breakouts.

People who have acneic skin often steer clear of moisturizers, worrying that they will make their skin worse. Acne-prone skin doesn’t need more oil. However, it does need hydration. Hydrated skin is a must for healthy, clear skin. Keeping your skin hydrated will not trigger more oil production and breakouts. Aggressively treated skin by over cleansing or over using exfoliating acids often appears oily and dehydrated at the same time. This will signal the hormones to produce more oil, keeping the problem ongoing. A light application of our Light Moisturizer or Barrier Renewal Cream should be used after applying Recovery, Mandelic Acid 8% or Salicylic Acid Gel.

Follow with a mineral sunscreen during the day.

Complete your skincare routine with NeoGenesis MB-1 spray. It will help restore balance to the skin surface, which may mitigate breakouts and irritation.

Check out our blog: Products for Blemish Prone Skin to learn more.


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